Vancouver Business Licence

Jurisdiction: City of Vancouver, BC
Source: Vancouver, Community Services Group - Licence Office

This dataset includes 55.6 thousand business licences issued by City of Vancouver, Licence Office. Under Licence By-Law No.4450, a valid business licence is required in order to operate a business in the City of Vancouver. Each business is registered with licence number, business name, location, licence issue date and expiration date, etc.

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Business Name Office Address Issue Date Status
Julie Paul Physiotherapy · Julie Paul 3369 FRASER ST, Unit#210, Vancouver 2018-03-20 Issued
Patrick Chiu Physiotherapy · Alvin Patrick Chiu (Alvin Chiu) 555 W 12TH AV, Unit#495, Vancouver 2018-03-20 Issued
Stephanie McCann Physiotherapy · Stephanie L McCann (Stephanie McCann) 3369 FRASER ST, Unit#210, Vancouver 2018-03-20 Issued
Envision Physiotherapy · Stevenson Toor Physiotherapist Corp 672 LEG-IN-BOOT SQUARE, Vancouver 2018-03-20 Issued
Envision Physiotherapy · Stevenson Toor Physiotherapist Corp 3077 GRANVILLE ST, Unit#201, Vancouver 2018-03-14 Issued
Treloar Physiotherapy Clinic · Carolyn N Kennedy (Carloyn Kennedy) 595 W 8TH AV, Vancouver 2018-03-11 Issued
KMD Physiotherapy · Karly Dagys 3369 FRASER ST, Unit#210, Vancouver 2018-03-08 Issued
Johnny Yiu Physiotherapy · Johnny Yiu Physiotherapist Corporation 2223 W BROADWAY, Unit#205, Vancouver 2018-03-01 Issued
Dalen Friesen Physiotherapy · Dalen Mark Friesen (Dalen Friesen) 3496 E GEORGIA ST, Vancouver 2018-02-28 Issued
Kitsilano Massage Therapy And Health Inc 2085 W 4TH AV, Vancouver 2018-02-27 Issued
Zhou Physical Therapy Co · Thomas Nanchi Zhou (Thomas Zhou) 1008 CAMBIE ST, Unit#2007, Vancouver 2018-02-26 Issued
The Good Life Therapy Centre Inc 470 GRANVILLE ST, Unit#635, Vancouver 2018-02-22 Issued
Aim Counselling & Hypnotherapy · Aigin Larki 997 SEYMOUR ST, Unit#220, Vancouver 2018-02-22 Issued
Urban Active Sport Therapy Clinic Inc 736 GRANVILLE ST, Unit#310, Vancouver 2018-02-19 Issued
Vancouver Art Therapy Institute · Vancouver Art Therapy Institute Association 1575 JOHNSTON ST, Vancouver 2018-02-16 Issued
Treloar Physiotherapy Clinic · Debra L Treloar (Debra Treloar) 595 W 8TH AV, Vancouver 2018-02-15 Issued
Silvana Echeverri Physiotherapy · Silvana Echeverri 3369 FRASER ST, Unit#210, Vancouver 2018-02-13 Issued
In Balance Physiotherapy · Mary Clare Meltzer (Mary Meltzer) 7358 REBEKAH DRIVE, Vancouver 2018-02-12 Issued
Main Yan Physiotherapy · Kam H Yan (Kam Yan) 3139 Main St, Vancouver 2018-02-11 Issued
Movement Massage Therapy · Daniela Jones 3369 FRASER ST, Unit#210, Vancouver 2018-02-09 Issued
City Square Physiotherapy Centre · Andrew R Hosking Physiotherapist Corp 555 W 12TH AV, Unit#135, Vancouver 2018-02-09 Issued
Alaia Physiotherapy Sports and Wellness · Katrina Sovio Physiotherapist Corporation 997 SEYMOUR ST, Unit#310, Vancouver 2018-02-09 Issued
West End Physiotherapy Clinic · Eva Filcova 1166 ALBERNI ST, Unit#303, Vancouver 2018-02-09 Issued
Personal Best Exercise Therapy Ltd 731 W 16TH AV, Vancouver 2018-02-08 Issued
Jose Leon Massage Therapy · Jose Luis Leon (Jose Leon) 1160 BURRARD ST, Unit#703, Vancouver 2018-02-08 Issued
Gastown Massage Therapy · Aliptae Therapeutics Inc 560 BEATTY ST, Unit#302, Vancouver 2018-02-08 Issued
Gastown Physio & Pilates · Mark Borslein Physical Therapy Corp 560 BEATTY ST, Unit#306, Vancouver 2018-02-08 Issued
Maai Imbrechts Physiotherapy · Maai Imbrechts 2642 CAMBRIDGE ST, Vancouver 2018-02-08 Issued
Footbridge Physiotherapy · Marriott Monkman Physiotherapist Corporation 181 KEEFER PLACE, Unit#221, Vancouver 2018-02-08 Issued
Massage Therapy on Dunbar · Victoria Jean McConnell (Victoria McConnell) 4192 DUNBAR ST, Vancouver 2018-02-07 Issued
Vancouver Soma Therapy · Lorraine Anne Johnson (Lorraine Johnson) 1340 NANAIMO ST, Vancouver 2018-02-07 Issued
Halestorm Physiotherapy & Sport Conditioning · Michael Hales 3785 W 10TH AV, Vancouver 2018-02-07 Issued
Form Physiotherapy · Wendy Epp 601 W BROADWAY, Unit#U16, Vancouver 2018-02-05 Issued
Ariane Bourdages Physiotherapy · Ariane G Bourdages (Ariane Bourdages) 3369 FRASER ST, Suite#210, Vancouver 2018-01-25 Issued
Beach Occupational Therapy Services · Beriah Aurora Chandoo (Beriah Chandoo) 4377 COLLINGWOOD ST, Vancouver 2018-01-24 Issued
West End Physiotherapy Clinic · Bryan Yau 1166 ALBERNI ST, Unit#303, Vancouver 2018-01-24 Issued
Selenia Iacchelli Physiotherapy · Selenia Roberta Iacchelli (Selenia Iacchelli) 2436 YORK AV, Unit#3, Vancouver 2018-01-23 Issued
Glow Dermal Therapy · Glow Dermal Therapy Inc 1874 W 1ST AV, Unit#3, Vancouver 2018-01-19 Issued
Downtown Health & Physiotherapy · Resvani Physiotherapist Corporation 1138 RICHARDS ST, Vancouver 2018-01-18 Issued
Hartwell Therapy and Wellness Inc 6468 MAIN ST, Vancouver 2018-01-17 Issued
Lee's Physiotherapy Clinic · Wendy Lee Physiotherapist Corporation 6404 VICTORIA DRIVE, Vancouver 2018-01-16 Pending
Envision Physiotherapy · Toor Physiotherapist Corp 3077 GRANVILLE ST, Unit#201, Vancouver 2018-01-13 Issued
M C M Natural Therapy Centre Ltd 5780 CAMBIE ST, Unit#200, Vancouver 2018-01-12 Issued
Rolan Batallones Counselling and Therapy Service · Rolan Batallones 750 W BROADWAY, Unit#1105, Vancouver 2018-01-11 Issued
Synergy Chiropractic & Sports Therapy · Richard Cleland 1160 BURRARD ST, Unit#404, Vancouver 2018-01-10 Issued
Pacific Physiotherapy Clinic · Anu Lima Physiotherapy Inc 745 W BROADWAY, Unit#301, Vancouver 2018-01-10 Issued
Patrick Chiu Physiotherapy · Alvin Patrick Chiu (Alvin Chiu) 750 W BROADWAY, Unit#1206, Vancouver 2018-01-10 Inactive
Commercial Drive Massage Therapy · Paula Margaret Bethune (Paula Bethune) 1416 COMMERCIAL DRIVE, Unit#102, Vancouver 2018-01-09 Issued
Registered Massage Therapy · Amy Beckett 1764 W 7TH AV, Vancouver 2018-01-09 Issued
Marpole Massage Therapy & Rehabilitation Clinic · Kris Miernik 8041 Granville St, Suite#202, Vancouver 2018-01-08 Issued
Sunset Physiotherapy Clinic · Muralidharan Ramadass 6585 FRASER ST, Vancouver 2018-01-08 Issued
Fairview Physiotherapy Sports & Orthopaedics · Kenny Mark Physiotherapist Corporation 550 W BROADWAY, Unit#631, Vancouver 2018-01-08 Issued
Broadway At Yew Physiotherapy Clinic · Irene M Klag & Mark S Klag 1037 W BROADWAY, Unit#200, Vancouver 2018-01-05 Issued
Vancouver Prolotherapy & MSK Diagnostic Clinic · Dr. Jean H Gillies Inc 1144 BURRARD ST, Unit#530, Vancouver 2018-01-04 Issued
Shiatsu Therapy Association of BC 7766 Kinross St, Vancouver 2018-01-02 Issued
Stephanie Butler Pilates Based Movement Therapy · Stephanie Megan Hespeler Butler (Stephanie Butler) 2190 FIR ST, Unit#115, Vancouver 2018-01-02 Issued
CC Massage Therapy Ltd 1015 W KING EDWARD AV, Vancouver 2018-01-02 Issued
Protherapy & Fitness Inc 550 PACIFIC ST, Unit#2101, Vancouver 2018-01-02 Issued
Woodland Physiotherapy · Amanda Rnic 2280 E HASTINGS ST, Unit#102, Vancouver 2018-01-01 Issued
Barcelona Therapyoils · Liza Danao Barcelona (Liza Barcelona) 2017-12-31 Issued
NK Skin Therapy and Massage Clinic · Natalia Kirillov 3195 GRANVILLE ST, Unit#204, Vancouver 2017-12-31 Issued
Gillian Pace Cognitive Hypnotherapy · Gillian Helen Pace (Gillian Pace) 1155 W PENDER ST, Unit#708, Vancouver 2017-12-30 Issued
Mount Pleasant Massage Therapy · Benjamin Kobayashi 3223 MAIN ST, Vancouver 2017-12-30 Issued
Roots Massage Therapy · Roots Registered Massage Therapy Inc 1238 HOMER ST, Unit#3, Vancouver 2017-12-30 Issued
Travis Dodds Physiotherapy · Travis Alexander Dodds (Travis Dodd) 3333 MAIN ST, Unit#311, Vancouver 2017-12-30 Issued
Rain City Massage Therapy · Terri Green & Derek Wone 3195 GRANVILLE ST, Unit#211, Vancouver 2017-12-29 Issued
The Eastside; Physiotherapy & Rehabilitation Clinic · Deborah Graham & Edson Lizarazo Physiotherapist Corporation 1750 E 10TH AV, Unit#M04, Vancouver 2017-12-29 Issued
Aurora Massage Therapy Clinic · Kathy Sheck 2233 BURRARD ST, Unit#210, Vancouver 2017-12-28 Issued
Yaletown Massage Therapy · Elizabeth J Vasko (Elizabeth Vasko) 1168 HAMILTON ST, Unit#203, Vancouver 2017-12-28 Issued
Soma Therapy Centre · Soma Therapy Centre Soft Tissue Management Centre Ltd 4553 W 16TH AV, Vancouver 2017-12-28 Issued
Access Care Physiotherapy · Keith K-Hon Tam (Keith Tam) 2135 W 13TH AV, Vancouver 2017-12-28 Issued
Katerina Gill, Registered Massage Therapy · Katerina Sophie Irina Gill (Katerina Gill) 1160 BURRARD ST, Unit#508, Vancouver 2017-12-28 Issued
In Touch Spa Therapy Inc 2017-12-27 Issued
Oakridge Kerrisdale Massage Therapy Clinic · Noni Galliazzo 5511 WEST BOULEVARD, Unit#207, Vancouver 2017-12-27 Issued
Nicholas Britnell Physiotherapy · Nicholas Britnell 4015 GLEN DRIVE, Vancouver 2017-12-27 Issued
Dennis Dion Therapy · Dennis Hector Roger Dion (Dennis Dion) 1687 W BROADWAY, Unit#200, Vancouver 2017-12-24 Issued
South Surrey Sport by Therapy · Jason Edwards 2027 W 41ST AV, Vancouver 2017-12-22 Issued
Andrea De Vos RMT, Coastal Massage Therapy · Andrea De Vos 850 W HASTINGS ST, Unit#403, Vancouver 2017-12-22 Issued
Kezia Evelyn Psychotherapy · Kezia Evelyn Perrault (Kezia Perrault) 355 BURRARD ST, Unit#1000, Vancouver 2017-12-22 Issued
Allisonrice Therapy · Allison Rice 1687 W BROADWAY, Unit#200, Vancouver 2017-12-21 Issued
Mainland Massage Therapy · Frank Mollica 1082 Mainland St, Vancouver 2017-12-21 Issued
Salus Physiotherapy Clinic · Paolo Bordignon Physiotherapist Corporation 1765 W 8TH AV, Unit#105, Vancouver 2017-12-21 Issued
Coelho Physiotherapy · Jonathan Coelho 1068 HORNBY ST, Unit#2502, Vancouver 2017-12-21 Issued
West End Physiotherapy Clinic · Mari Walsh 1166 ALBERNI ST, Unit#303, Vancouver 2017-12-21 Issued
West 6th Neuromotion Physiotherapy Clinic · Kirkwood Management Services Ltd 1688 W 6TH AV, Vancouver 2017-12-20 Issued
Trikinetic Massage Therapy · Karen Fleming 1750 E 10TH AV, Unit#302, Vancouver 2017-12-19 Issued
Amanda Vickers Physiotherapy · Amanda Ann Goy (Amanda Goy) 1001 RICHARDS ST, Unit#303, Vancouver 2017-12-19 Issued
Pool Therapy · Daria Maslennikova 36 W 10TH AV, Vancouver 2017-12-19 Inactive
Larissa Vishniakoff Physiotherapy · Larissa Lynn Vishniakoff (Larissa Vishniakoff) 3480 MAIN ST, Unit#309, Vancouver 2017-12-18 Issued
Coastal Massage Therapy · Jennifer Nene Crichton (Jennifer Crichton) 850 W HASTINGS ST, Unit#403, Vancouver 2017-12-17 Issued
Kor Manual Therapy · Alisha Dawn Hoover (Alisha Hoover) 3077 GRANVILLE ST, Unit#201, Vancouver 2017-12-17 Issued
Mobile Registered Massage Therapy · Rory Frances Perrier (Rory Perrier) 1777 E 8TH AV, Vancouver 2017-12-16 Issued
Evolution Sport Therapy Inc 2027 W 41ST AV, Vancouver 2017-12-15 Issued
Myah Physiotherapy and Wellness · Maisy Luong Physical Therapist Corp 550 W BROADWAY, Unit#302, Vancouver 2017-12-15 Issued
Turning Point Therapy · Jean D Ledgard (Jean Ledgard) 402 W PENDER ST, Unit#608, Vancouver 2017-12-15 Issued
Main Care Physiotherapy · Barbara Troczynski 7297 MAIN ST, Vancouver 2017-12-15 Issued
Back In Motion Physiotherapy · Back in Motion Physiotherapy and Active Rehab Inc 333 E BROADWAY, Unit#208, Vancouver 2017-12-14 Issued
Roos Therapy · Rebecca Anne Cyndroski (Rebecca Cyndroski) 3195 GRANVILLE ST, Unit#106, Vancouver 2017-12-14 Issued
Gmoney Physiotherapy And Sport Conditioning · Gareth J Adams (Gareth Adams) 890 W PENDER ST, Unit#420, Vancouver 2017-12-14 Issued
Brandon Arbour Physiotherapy · Brandon J Arbour (Brandon Arbour) 2280 CORNWALL AV, Unit#207, Vancouver 2017-12-14 Issued