Vancouver Business Licence

Jurisdiction: City of Vancouver, BC
Source: Vancouver, Community Services Group - Licence Office

This dataset includes 55.6 thousand business licences issued by City of Vancouver, Licence Office. Under Licence By-Law No.4450, a valid business licence is required in order to operate a business in the City of Vancouver. Each business is registered with licence number, business name, location, licence issue date and expiration date, etc.

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Business Name Office Address Issue Date Status
Bridge House · Coast Foundation Society (1974) 1435 E 19TH AV, Vancouver 2018-03-26 Issued
Coca Sirian Law · Cocuta Sirian 355 BURRARD ST, Unit#1520, Vancouver 2018-03-26 Issued
IMB - The Immigration Boulevard Ltd 3520 FALAISE AV, Vancouver 2018-03-26 Issued
Evolution Strategies Ltd 355 BURRARD ST, Unit#510, Vancouver 2018-03-26 Issued
JMA Health And Safety Consulting Ltd 1220 W 64TH AV, Vancouver 2018-03-26 Issued
Judy Chee 580 HORNBY ST, Unit#350, Vancouver 2018-03-26 Issued
Dr Nicola Bennett, ND · Nicola Dawn Bennett (Nicola Bennett) 1060 HOMER ST, Vancouver 2018-03-26 Issued
Judy Chee 2625 E HASTINGS ST, Vancouver 2018-03-26 Issued
Tamnd Lee Carpet Cleaners · Thomas Lee & Amy Tue-Shan Lee 7342 194th St, Surrey 2018-03-25 Issued
Bravado Homes Ltd 12100 Riverside Way, Unit#138, Richmond 2018-03-25 Issued
GPT Property Developments Ltd 2991 W 5TH AV, Vancouver 2018-03-25 Issued
Nitidus Maintenance Services · Julia Constanza Moya (Julia Moya) 3450 E 1ST AV, Unit#22, Vancouver 2018-03-25 Issued
PM4HCM Consulting Inc 989 NELSON ST, Unit#1107, Vancouver 2018-03-25 Issued
0928461 BC Ltd 1271 SE MARINE DRIVE, Vancouver 2018-03-25 Issued
Robert Keziere Studio · Robert Keziere 2323 QUEBEC ST, Unit#202, Vancouver 2018-03-25 Issued
AMC Glass Ltd 2288 No 5 Road, Unit#130, Richmond 2018-03-24 Issued
Spark Language Coaching · Sara E Yuen (Sara Yuen) 2180 KITCHENER ST, Vancouver 2018-03-24 Issued
Bank of Montreal 2388 W 4TH AV, Vancouver 2018-03-24 Issued
The Corporate Canuck · Jennifer Mary Rose Long (Jennifer Long) 777 BURRARD ST, Unit#28, Vancouver 2018-03-24 Issued
Posy's Fingers & Toes Spa Ltd 1271 PACIFIC BOULEVARD, Vancouver 2018-03-24 Issued
Golden Gate Property Consulting · Pavel Kral 456 MOBERLY ROAD, Unit#604, Vancouver 2018-03-24 Issued
Letizia Rita Crescenzo (Letizia Crescenzo) 2469 E Hastings St, Vancouver 2018-03-24 Issued
JM & BD Construction · Bridget A Dornian & Darryl J McGee 1109 Regan Ave, Coquitlam 2018-03-23 Issued
Acro Construction Group Ltd 3711 Delbrook Ave, Unit#111, North Vancouver 2018-03-23 Issued
AlexTEST Holmes 2018-03-23 Inactive
Lawrence A Spierings (Lawrence Spierings) 3333 Corvette Way, Unit#1101, Richmond 2018-03-23 Issued
Muvmint · Maria Mikaela Hilario (Maria Hilario) 10280 Bryson Dr, Unit#45, Richmond 2018-03-23 Issued
Sarbjit S Bal & Paramjit K Bal 2018-03-23 Issued
Snackaroo Co · Vedran Budimcic 7038 21st Ave, Unit#312, Burnaby 2018-03-23 Issued
785 Denman Street Ltd 1821 Robson St, Vancouver 2018-03-23 Issued
Social Agents Marketing · Ryan Alexander Feltham (Ryan Feltham) 225 W 8TH AV, Unit#300, Vancouver 2018-03-23 Issued
La Boussole Centre Communautaire Societe 651 E BROADWAY, Vancouver 2018-03-23 Issued
Filld · Filld Services Canada Inc 200 BURRARD ST, Unit#1200, Vancouver 2018-03-23 Issued
Enerchanges Clinic Ltd 601 W BROADWAY, Unit#L6, Vancouver 2018-03-23 Issued
Dr M Kaushansky And Associates · Mel Kaushansky 1238 HOMER ST, Unit#201, Vancouver 2018-03-23 Issued
Yana Health Systems Ltd 278 W 8TH AV, Vancouver 2018-03-23 Issued
Aura Nightclub · Barcelona Hospitality Inc 1176 GRANVILLE ST, Vancouver 2018-03-23 Issued
Marvin Ivan Cafe · Salwan Fadhooli 1156 DENMAN ST, Vancouver 2018-03-23 Issued
Brammy Bros, Painting & Restoration Ltd 1332 FRANKLIN ST, Vancouver 2018-03-23 Issued
Namgel Cenda Cosmetics & Beauty Ltd 5174 VICTORIA DRIVE, Vancouver 2018-03-23 Issued
Bourgoisie Ink & Co · Sonia Tara Jonas (Sonia Jonas) 1909 W 1ST AV, Vancouver 2018-03-23 Issued
Golden Feet · Canadian Golden Rainbow Reflexology and Massage Ltd 550 W BROADWAY, Vancouver 2018-03-23 Issued
Veeda Enterprises Inc 789 W 16TH AV, Unit#307, Vancouver 2018-03-23 Issued
Flying Pig Holdings Ltd 1168 HAMILTON ST, Unit#320, Vancouver 2018-03-23 Issued
Affility Media Inc 1515 HOMER MEWS, Unit#1803, Vancouver 2018-03-23 Issued
Nicola Internet Cafe · Chang Hoon Ahn (Chang Ahn) 1565 ROBSON ST, Vancouver 2018-03-23 Issued
Nicola Internet Cafe · Chang Hoon Ahn (Chang Ahn) 1565 ROBSON ST, Vancouver 2018-03-23 Issued
Nicola Internet Cafe · Chang Hoon Ahn (Chang Ahn) 1565 ROBSON ST, Vancouver 2018-03-23 Issued
Hong Shi 1495 RICHARDS ST, Unit#2501, Vancouver 2018-03-23 Issued
Waves Coffee · Daojing Financial Consulting Ltd 900 HOWE ST, Unit#100, Vancouver 2018-03-23 Issued
Skoah · Skoah Inc 1547 VENABLES ST, Vancouver 2018-03-23 Issued
Lien Sheng Tseng Chu & Ta Jen Tseng 1288 W GEORGIA ST, Unit#2906, Vancouver 2018-03-23 Issued
Visual Art Acadamy · Hai Liu 1678 W BROADWAY, Unit#101, Vancouver 2018-03-23 Issued
BAM Group · 0986023 BC Ltd 1828 POWELL ST, Vancouver 2018-03-23 Issued
Fraserview Photography Ltd 8430 JELLICOE ST, Unit#305, Vancouver 2018-03-23 Issued
Madison Morrison 3369 FRASER ST, Unit#210, Vancouver 2018-03-23 Issued
X O Tours Canada Ltd 8228 GRANVILLE ST, Vancouver 2018-03-23 Issued
Just Move Vancouver · Emmanuel Martin Blackburn (Emmanuel Blackburn) 2249 ETON ST, Unit#5, Vancouver 2018-03-23 Issued
Benjamin Moore Marine · BM Distribution Ltd 610 SE MARINE DRIVE, Unit#105, Vancouver 2018-03-23 Issued
Goslin Services · Elise M C Gosselin (Elise Gosselin) 3636 E 25TH AV, Vancouver 2018-03-23 Issued
Tammy Tsang 1777 W 7TH AV, Unit#225, Vancouver 2018-03-23 Issued
Vancouver School of Healing Arts · Vancouver School of Bodywork and Massage Ltd 342 WATER ST, Unit#300, Vancouver 2018-03-23 Issued
Steve G Morin & Sonia Schenkel 174 W 16TH AV, Vancouver 2018-03-23 Issued
Nail De Art · Jia Li Yan (Jia Yan) 3090 CAMBIE ST, Vancouver 2018-03-23 Issued
Margot Guthrie 2020 SEMLIN DRIVE, Vancouver 2018-03-23 Issued
Pure West Enterprises Ltd 12395 Horseshoe Way, Richmond 2018-03-22 Issued
Advantage Lawn Irrigation · Henry Michael Porteous (Henry Porteous) 135 W 21St, Unit#203, North Vancouver 2018-03-22 Issued
GDS Green Home Mechanical Inc 110 Brew St, Unit#308, Port Moody 2018-03-22 Issued
DAA_One Landscaping · Nhut Anh Tran (Nhut Tran) 14206 Park Dr, Surrey 2018-03-22 Issued
Gardens Unlimited · Jean Marc Poratto (Jean Poratto) 312 W 21 St, North Vancouver 2018-03-22 Issued
Harwinder Bal and Preet Bal 2018-03-22 Issued
TCF Vancouver Productions Ltd 2880 Underhill Ave, Burnaby 2018-03-22 Issued
Papa Enterprises Ltd 12488 57A Av, Surrey 2018-03-22 Issued
Aquila Landscaping · Matthew Hawrysh & Ketisha Hackett 5630 Oakglen Drive, Burnaby 2018-03-22 Issued
Handy Randy Renovations · Handy Randy Services Ltd 774 GREAT NORTHERN WAY, Unit#408, Vancouver 2018-03-22 Issued
Douglas Park Construction Ltd 604 E 54TH AV, Vancouver 2018-03-22 Issued
Glass House Environmental · Glass House Ventures Inc 604 E 54TH AV, Vancouver 2018-03-22 Issued
LandlordBC · Rental Housing Council of British Columbia 1095 W PENDER ST, Unit#1210, Vancouver 2018-03-22 Issued
Home Visit European Spa Services Inc 1340 BURNABY ST, Unit#1002, Vancouver 2018-03-22 Issued
The Bachelor Plan · 0740811 BC Ltd 5516 LABURNUM ST, Vancouver 2018-03-22 Issued
Kokopelli · Lorri Dar 2052 COMMERCIAL DRIVE, Vancouver 2018-03-22 Issued
Hive Hair Spa · Hack Enterprises Inc 680 W BROADWAY, Vancouver 2018-03-22 Issued
Task Force Building Services Inc 3390 LAUREL ST, Vancouver 2018-03-22 Issued
Commercial Street Cafe · Chris Richmond, Pete Tuepah & Nadene Rehnby 3599 COMMERCIAL ST, Vancouver 2018-03-22 Issued
Burrard E C G Services Ltd 1144 BURRARD ST, Unit#370, Vancouver 2018-03-22 Issued
PCI Holdings Corp 1030 W GEORGIA ST, Unit#300, Vancouver 2018-03-22 Issued
PCI Developments Corp 1030 W GEORGIA ST, Unit#300, Vancouver 2018-03-22 Issued
Great Panther Silver Limited 200 GRANVILLE ST, Unit#1330, Vancouver 2018-03-22 Issued
Wen Lian Aquaculture Co Ltd 1090 W GEORGIA ST, Unit#488, Vancouver 2018-03-22 Issued
Eduardo Cajiao Becerra & Jaime Ben Hur Sandoval Garcia 1356 FRANCES ST, Unit#107, Vancouver 2018-03-22 Issued
Menzies Inventments Group Inc 1199 MARINASIDE CRESCENT, Unit#3701, Vancouver 2018-03-22 Issued
Adapted Sports Development · Adapted Sports Development BC Corp 937 W 14TH AV, Vancouver 2018-03-22 Issued
Argenta Painting And Restoration Ltd 1285 W BROADWAY, Unit#600, Vancouver 2018-03-22 Issued
Bell World · Bell Distribution Inc 650 W 41ST AV, Unit#407, Vancouver 2018-03-22 Issued
Kungfu Noodle Restaurant · China Noodle Restaurant Ltd 682 SEYMOUR ST, Vancouver 2018-03-22 Issued
Skysea Enterprises Ltd 7085 WILTSHIRE ST, Vancouver 2018-03-22 Issued
Volt Salon · Donald Van Erkelens 1332 DAVIE ST, Vancouver 2018-03-22 Issued
Creative Minds Art Society 1443 KINGSWAY, Vancouver 2018-03-22 Issued
Coric Law · Coric Law Corporation 1030 W GEORGIA ST, Unit#712, Vancouver 2018-03-22 Issued
Canadian Actors Equity Association 750 W BROADWAY, Unit#1316, Vancouver 2018-03-22 Issued