Vancouver Business Licence

Jurisdiction: Vancouver, BC
Source: City of Vancouver, Licence Office

This dataset includes 55.6 thousand business licences issued by City of Vancouver, Licence Office. Under Licence By-Law No.4450, a valid business licence is required in order to operate a business in the City of Vancouver. Each business is registered with licence number, business name, location, licence issue date and expiration date, etc.

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Business Name Office Address Issue Date Status
Forsberg Plumbing and Heating · Vincent Christopher Forsberg (Vincent Forsberg) 1639 VINE ST, Unit#202, Vancouver 2017-11-28 Issued
La Jolie Madame Boutique (1990) Ltd 849 HORNBY ST, Vancouver 2017-11-28 Issued
Orient Property Management · Cory Roan 1230 BURNABY ST, Unit#203, Vancouver 2017-11-28 Issued
SSDG Interiors Inc 609 GRANVILLE ST, Unit#310, Vancouver 2017-11-28 Issued
Canadian Home Flooring · Zad Holdings Ltd 1903 W BROADWAY, Vancouver 2017-11-28 Issued
Rose Lee 2017-11-27 Gone Out of Busi
Amy Jennifer Lazer (Amy Lazer) 2017-11-27 Issued
The Garage Door Depot - Vancouver · The Garage Door Depot of Greater Vancouver Inc 19055 Airport Way, Unit#120, Pitt Meadows 2017-11-27 Issued
Procon Projects Ltd 1383 Lennox St, North Vancouver 2017-11-27 Issued
JJ Holdings Inc 2017-11-27 Issued
JJ Holdings Inc 2017-11-27 Issued
Hong Vinh Chung & Chan Ngoc Thang 2017-11-27 Issued
TSS Torres Security Systems · Manuel Torres 2447 Kelly Ave, Unit#32, Port Coquitlam 2017-11-27 Issued
Newton V Hoang & Thu T Pham 2017-11-27 Issued
Connected Spaces · 1034147 BC Ltd 11400 Twigg Place, Unit#1, Richmond 2017-11-27 Issued
Marine View Optometry · 1094907 BC Ltd 470 SW MARINE DRIVE, Unit#303, Vancouver 2017-11-27 Issued
Arion Lasers Inc 550 W BROADWAY, Unit#345, Vancouver 2017-11-27 Issued
MUJI · Muji Canada Limited 1125 ROBSON ST, Vancouver 2017-11-27 Issued
MUJI · Muji Canada Limited 1125 ROBSON ST, Vancouver 2017-11-27 Issued
WBM Technologies Inc 1330 KOOTENAY ST, Vancouver 2017-11-27 Issued
WBM Technologies Inc 1330 KOOTENAY ST, Vancouver 2017-11-27 Issued
CED Smoke Shop · Esmail Ghelich Afshari (Esmail Afshari) 6450 MAIN ST, Vancouver 2017-11-27 Issued
West Point Grey Physiotherapy Clinic · Nourbakhsh & Chrzastowska Physiotherapist Corp 4351 W 10TH AV, Vancouver 2017-11-27 Issued
Stefanie A Lewinson (Stefanie Lewinson) 4370 PRINCE EDWARD ST, Vancouver 2017-11-27 Issued
Tree Police Services Ltd 6485 PRINCE ALBERT ST, Vancouver 2017-11-27 Issued
Icona Projects Inc 3228 TUPPER ST, Unit#311, Vancouver 2017-11-27 Issued
DuMoulin Black Management Ltd 595 HOWE ST, Unit#1000, Vancouver 2017-11-27 Issued
New World Designs · Jenna Kabatoff 434 W HASTINGS ST, Vancouver 2017-11-27 Issued
Tricera Imaging (Vancouver) · Tricera Imaging Solutions Inc 1830 W 5TH AV, Vancouver 2017-11-27 Issued
Cheng He Tourism Inc 7216 BEECHWOOD ST, Vancouver 2017-11-27 Issued
BRB West Coast Construction Ltd 2922 W 19TH AV, Vancouver 2017-11-27 Issued
Glimpse Networks · Glimpse Networks Inc 6290 ELGIN ST, Vancouver 2017-11-27 Issued
Ace Assessment & Rehab Services · Gurpreet Buttar Incorporated 189 NATIONAL AV, Unit#1402, Vancouver 2017-11-27 Issued
Albert Hutton 2017-11-24 Issued
Daisy Baulcomb & Craig Baulcomb 2017-11-24 Issued
Big Foot Construction · Michael Lees 1911 Woodside Blvd, Unit#7, Agassiz 2017-11-24 Issued
Gerald Victor Gionco (Gerald Gionco) 4955 Newton Street, Unit#1803, Burnaby 2017-11-24 Issued
Lululemon Athletica · Lululemon Athletica Canada Inc 701 W GEORGIA ST, Unit#D003, Vancouver 2017-11-24 Issued
St George PharmaChoice Pharmacy · St George Pharmacy Ltd 3475 COMMERCIAL ST, Vancouver 2017-11-24 Issued
Davie Street Your Independent Grocer · 10304620 Canada Limited 1255 DAVIE ST, Vancouver 2017-11-24 Issued
Iron + Ash Design and Goods · Trevor Eyeford & Justin Cooke 1529 W 75TH AV, Vancouver 2017-11-24 Issued
London School of Hairdressing Ltd 114 W HASTINGS ST, Vancouver 2017-11-24 Issued
Saje Natural Wellness · Saje Natural Business Inc 701 W GEORGIA ST, Unit#D042, Vancouver 2017-11-24 Issued
Classic Customs & Hot Rods · Kenneth Powers 1302 GRANT ST, Vancouver 2017-11-24 Issued
Cressey (18th Avenue) Development LLP · Cressey 18th Avenue Holdings Ltd 555 W 8TH AV, Unit#200, Vancouver 2017-11-24 Issued
Seismic Shift Arts Society 336 E 1ST AV, Unit#104, Vancouver 2017-11-24 Inactive
Prince of Wales Trek Outdoor Education Program 2250 Eddington Drive, Vancouver 2017-11-24 Issued
Samadhi Fleur Delune Bouchard Goulet (Samadhi Bouchard Goulet) 2830 MAIN ST, Vancouver 2017-11-24 Issued
Vasia J Han (Vasia Han) 3636 W 10TH AV, Vancouver 2017-11-24 Issued
RentalMiles BC Property Management Limited Partnership 701 W GEORGIA ST, Unit#1500, Vancouver 2017-11-24 Issued
Ranka Panovic & Vladan Panovic 788 HAMILTON ST, Unit#1003, Vancouver 2017-11-24 Issued
Article · Trademango Solutions Inc 1010 RAYMUR AV, Vancouver 2017-11-24 Issued
Sandy Nguyen 388 E 1ST AV, Vancouver 2017-11-24 Issued
Coast Demolition and Site Services · Garret Bonn 1528 E 2ND AV, Vancouver 2017-11-24 Issued
Secret Study 196 W 3RD AV, #230C, Vancouver 2017-11-24 Inactive
Smart Mobi Media · Harinder Khangura 3380 VANNESS AV, Unit#1006, Vancouver 2017-11-24 Issued
Fabiano M Filho (Fabiano Filho) 2017-11-23 Issued
Johnny Chin 2017-11-23 Issued
Edwin Leung & Marilyn Leung 2017-11-23 Issued
Yun Tao Yang (Yun Yang) 2017-11-23 Issued
Khai Productions Inc 3975 KITCHENER ST, Burnaby 2017-11-23 Issued
Kenji Hasegawa 2220 W BROADWAY, Vancouver 2017-11-23 Issued
Terramera Inc 333 SEYMOUR ST, Unit#1100, Vancouver 2017-11-23 Issued
Bluefish Technology Services · Philip W Crout (Philip Crout) 1068 HORNBY ST, Unit#305, Vancouver 2017-11-23 Issued
River District Centre · Wesgroup Properties Ltd 1055 DUNSMUIR ST, Unit#2000, Vancouver 2017-11-23 Inactive
Lindt & Sprungli (Canada) Inc 455 HOWE ST, Vancouver 2017-11-23 Issued
UpMedia Inc 3142 W 6TH AV, Vancouver 2017-11-23 Issued
Sonjan Enterprises Ltd 1628 W 1ST AV, Unit#222, Vancouver 2017-11-23 Issued
Arbutus Clinic Ltd 225 E 17TH AV, Unit#101, Vancouver 2017-11-23 Issued
Rio Brazilian Steak House · 1126377 BC Ltd 1122 DENMAN ST, Vancouver 2017-11-23 Issued
Blink Beauty Bar · Li Hao Andy Chou & Hong Seok Shin & Chih-Kang Vincent Wang 3562 W 41ST AV, Vancouver 2017-11-23 Issued
Cadillac Fairview Corp Ltd 701 W GEORGIA ST, Vancouver 2017-11-23 Inactive
Line Spa and Polish · Seika Kono 2139 E HASTINGS ST, Vancouver 2017-11-23 Issued
Arvay Finaly LLP 401 W GEORGIA ST, Unit#1710, Vancouver 2017-11-23 Pending
Trulton Realty Inc 3615 W 4TH AV, Vancouver 2017-11-23 Issued
Inner City Youth Program (ICYP) 1260 GRANVILLE ST, Vancouver 2017-11-23 Issued
Deerbear Films · Richard Johnson & Deborah Burns Johnson 2570 SPRUCE ST, Unit#22, Vancouver 2017-11-23 Issued
Tee Time Promos · Richard Cheung 1945 W 49TH AV, Vancouver 2017-11-23 Issued
Imagine Creative Media Inc 6276 DUNBAR ST, Vancouver 2017-11-23 Issued
Chelsea Schille RMT · Chelsea Schille 1669 W 3RD AV, Unit#200, Vancouver 2017-11-23 Issued
River District Centre · Wesgroup Properties Ltd 1055 DUNSMUIR ST, Unit#2000, Vancouver 2017-11-23 Issued
Riskornerstone Advisory Corporation 1050 BROUGHTON ST, Unit#303, Vancouver 2017-11-23 Issued
Thomas Kwan & Mie Takahashi 233 ROBSON ST, Unit#1806, Vancouver 2017-11-23 Issued
Katerina Gill, Registered Massage Therapy · Katerina Sophie Irina Gill (Katerina Gill) 1160 BURRARD ST, Unit#508, Vancouver 2017-11-23 Issued
Elizabeth Nicole Close (Elizabeth Close) 805 W BROADWAY, Unit#1709, Vancouver 2017-11-23 Issued
Train For No Pain Wellness Inc 1838 NELSON ST, Unit#802, Vancouver 2017-11-23 Issued
Canadian Sky Trading Ltd 88 W PENDER ST, Unit#1191, Vancouver 2017-11-23 Issued
Universal Progress Industries Ltd 1790 BAYSHORE DRIVE, Unit#705, Vancouver 2017-11-23 Issued
On Top Cleaning Service · Jeffrey Albarracin 2182 E 55TH AV, Vancouver 2017-11-23 Issued
Rarity Homes and Construction · Mario Cirillo 3930 Cambridge Street, Burnaby 2017-11-22 Issued
Kamaljit Rai & Sarban Rai 2017-11-22 Issued
Rarity Homes and Construction · Mario Cirillo 3930 Cambridge Street, Burnaby 2017-11-22 Issued
Peco Construction (2012) Ltd 7891 Willowfield Drive, Richmond 2017-11-22 Issued
Kingfisher Docks Ltd 2711 Esplanade St, Port Moody 2017-11-22 Issued
Elaine Low & Kelly Low & Sew Low 2017-11-22 Issued
Shu Bin Liu (Shu Liu) 2017-11-22 Issued
Heatco Furnace Services Ltd 7012 Merritt Av, Unit#102B, Burnaby 2017-11-22 Issued
Atic Advance Technology International Inc 120 W BROADWAY, Vancouver 2017-11-22 Issued
Main Smart Shop · Abdus Sattaar Ghauri (Abdus Ghauri) 6482 MAIN ST, Vancouver 2017-11-22 Inactive
InsureBC (Arbutus) Insurance Services · Intercity Equity Corporation 2595 W 16TH AV, Vancouver 2017-11-22 Issued