Vancouver Business Licence
Janitorial Services

Jurisdiction: City of Vancouver, BC
Source: Vancouver, Community Services Group - Licence Office

This dataset includes 55.6 thousand business licences issued by City of Vancouver, Licence Office. Under Licence By-Law No.4450, a valid business licence is required in order to operate a business in the City of Vancouver. Each business is registered with licence number, business name, location, licence issue date and expiration date, etc.

Janitorial Services · Search Result

Business Name Office Address Business Type Issue Date
Excelsior Building Maintenance Ltd 11772 190th Street, Pitt Meadows, BC V3Y 1Y2 Janitorial Services 2021-01-28
Alliance Maintenance Ltd 4620 Earles St, Vancouver, BC V5R 3R2 Janitorial Services 2020-11-27
Simple Life Cleaning Service Ltd · Wei Hsin Danny Juang (wei Jaung) 3041 E 20th Av, Vancouver, BC V5M 2V3 Janitorial Services 2016-06-30
Cleaning With Love · Mohammad Kumarsi & Ruifan Wang 3518 Malta Av, Vancouver, BC V5M 4B8 Janitorial Services 2016-04-21
Olga's Cleaning Services · Olga R San Jose (olga San Jose) 3105 E 54th Av, Vancouver, BC V5S 1Y9 Janitorial Services 2015-12-31
Chengshin Cleaning Company · Nan Shi 6331 Buswell St, Unit #508, Richmond, BC V6Y 4H2 Janitorial Services 2015-12-30
Margie Cleaning Services · Mario Bautista Lacanlale (mario Lacanlale) 4530 Commercial St, Vancouver, BC V5N 4G6 Janitorial Services 2015-12-05
A&v Home Cleaning Services Ltd 5380 Oben St, Unit #803, Vancouver, BC V5R 6H7 Janitorial Services 2015-12-03
Mayan Cleaning Service Inc 6045 Fleming St, Vancouver, BC V5P 3G5 Janitorial Services 2015-11-30
Wing Kee Cleaning · Quen Trieu 1056 E 16th Av, Vancouver, BC V5T 2W1 Janitorial Services 2012-12-20
Kelly-Boy Maintenance Inc 1855 Vine St, Unit #2, Vancouver, BC V6K 3J8 Janitorial Services 2010-12-02
Jm Cleaning Services · Sebastiana Castillo Abalos (sebastiana Abalos) 665 E 20th Av, Vancouver, BC V5V 1M9 Janitorial Services 2010-04-07
Royal Robson Cleaning · 0844669 Bc Ltd 180 Warrick Street, Coquitlam, BC V3K 6B9 Janitorial Services 2010-03-09
Neat and Tidy · John Edward Thomson (john Thomson) 1065 Quayside Dr, Unit #403, New Westminster, BC V3M 1C5 Janitorial Services 2010-01-14
Victoria Nisperos 1555 E 31st Av, Vancouver, BC V5N 3B1 Janitorial Services 2010-01-06
B & A Cleaning Services · Buenaventura Clor Bathan (buenaventura Bathan) 15168 36th Av, Unit #11, Surrey, BC V3S 0Z6 Janitorial Services 2009-12-09
Royal Robson Cleaning · 0844669 Bc Ltd 1033 Windward Dr, Coquitlam, BC V3C 4M5 Janitorial Services 2009-04-17
Xuan Van Nguyen (xuan Nguyen) 2235 Rupert St, Vancouver, BC V5M 3S8 Janitorial Services 2009-01-05
Jm Cleaning Services · Sebastiana Castillo Abalos (sebastiana Abalos) 3537 Worthington Drive, Vancouver, BC V5M 3Y1 Janitorial Services 2008-12-16
Triple N Housecleaning Ltd 3310 Fraser St, Unit #202, Vancouver, BC V5V 4C1 Janitorial Services 2005-09-12
Jani-King Commercial Cleaning Services · Joyce Group Services Inc 1741 Boundary Road, Unit #100, Vancouver, BC V5M 3Y7 Janitorial Services 2005-07-21
Advance Building Maintenance · Rolly Tak Fai Chan (rolly Chan) 520 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC V5T 3J9 Janitorial Services 2005-06-24
Arm Building Maintenance Inc 2001 E 36th Av, Unit #202, Vancouver, BC V5P 1C9 Janitorial Services 2005-06-01
Hk's Quality Cleaning Service · Harbans Hundal & Kashmir Namsaur 6415 Fraser St, Unit #208, Vancouver, BC V5W 3A6 Janitorial Services 2005-03-10
Satisfied House Cleaning Service · Satpal Mahey 219 E 58th Av, Vancouver, BC V5X 1V8 Janitorial Services 2005-03-07
Multiple Building Maintenance · Sinan Izzat 828 Agnes St, Unit #1003, New Westminster, BC V3M 6R4 Janitorial Services 2005-03-01
Kbm Building Maintenance Ltd 1252 E 64th Av, Vancouver, BC V5X 2N8 Janitorial Services 2005-02-28
Excelsior Building Maintenance Ltd 1128 E Georgia St, Vancouver, BC V6A 2A8 Janitorial Services 2005-02-21
Jmo Building Maintenance Co · Juan M Ochoa (juan Ochoa) 11439 80th Avenue, North Delta, BC V4C 1X5 Janitorial Services 2005-02-21
Lily Maid · Lily Maid House Cleaning Services Inc 7032 Ross St, Vancouver, BC V5X 4B5 Janitorial Services 2005-01-25
Victoria Nisperos 2961 E 29th Av, Vancouver, BC V5R 1V8 Janitorial Services 2005-01-07
Pi Cleaning Service · Samuel Blancas 5314 Mckinnon St, Vancouver, BC V5R 4C6 Janitorial Services 2005-01-06
C&r Janitorial Services Ltd 6707 St George St, Vancouver, BC V5X 4S3 Janitorial Services 2005-01-06
False Creek Maid Service · Ibrahim Ali 663 Market Hill, Unit #A, Vancouver, BC V5Z 4B5 Janitorial Services 2005-01-05
Susan's Home Maid Service Limited 2077 W 37th Av, Vancouver, BC V6M 1N7 Janitorial Services 2004-12-30
Jm Cleaning Services · Sebastiana Abalos (sebastiana Abalos) 3340 Garden Drive, Vancouver, BC V5N 4Y4 Janitorial Services 2004-12-30
Derma Mcdonald & Bridgette & Stacy Mckenzie 3520 Se Marine Drive, Unit #4, Vancouver, BC V5S 4R3 Janitorial Services 2004-12-23
Ultra-Tech Cleaning Systems (1991) Ltd 1420 Adanac St, Unit #201, Vancouver, BC V5L 2C3 Janitorial Services 2004-12-15
Jian Cheng Ling (jian Ling) 1439 E 11th Av, Vancouver, BC V5N 1Y6 Janitorial Services 2004-12-15
Xuan Van Nguyen (xuan Nguyen) 5768 Joyce St, Vancouver, BC V5R 4H7 Janitorial Services 2004-12-15
Foundation Building Services · Gordon Wong 6386 Bruce St, Vancouver, BC V5P 3M9 Janitorial Services 2004-12-14
Than's Cleaning · Thi Tam Tran (thi Tran) 934 Kingsway, Vancouver, BC V5V 3C4 Janitorial Services 2004-12-10
V-Cleaning · Thanh Vu 461 Keefer St, Vancouver, BC V6R 1X8 Janitorial Services 2004-12-08
Abm Janitorial Services Co Ltd 1075 Clark Dr, Vancouver, BC V5L 3J9 Janitorial Services 2004-12-07
Clarence Cleaning Systems · Janendran Nair & Keshwan Nair 7327 Main St, Vancouver, BC V5X 3J6 Janitorial Services 2004-12-07
Dynex Facility Services Inc 8167 Main St, Unit #102, Vancouver, BC V5X 3L2 Janitorial Services 2004-12-07
Ar's Cleaning Services · Agnes Bao Ag 1779 E 14th Av, Vancouver, BC V5N 2E3 Janitorial Services 2004-11-29
Insta-Clean Janitorial Services · Edmond Descalchuk B10293 144 St, Surrey, BC V3T 4V2 Janitorial Services 2004-11-10
Catherine's Cleaning Solution · Katalin Molnar 830 E 7th Av, Unit #204, Vancouver, BC V5T 4J2 Janitorial Services 2004-10-07
Evp Sparkling Janitorial Service · Elisa V Padernal & Vivenciana V Padernal 20125 71a Av, Langley, BC V2Y 3A1 Janitorial Services 2004-09-15
Athy's Janitorial Services · Vasuki Jeyaratnam 5319 Ross St, Vancouver, BC V5W 3K8 Janitorial Services 2004-09-09
All Service · Young Hwan Sul 170 W 63rd Av, Vancouver, BC V5X 2H6 Janitorial Services 2004-08-30
Servantage Services Corp 245 Fell Avenue, Unit #101, North Vancouver, BC V7P 2K1 Janitorial Services 2004-06-22
1 Bc Clean · Upanesai Thedchanamoorthy 5 E 55th Av, Vancouver, BC V5X 1M6 Janitorial Services 2004-05-28
Metrotown Building Maintenance · Clara Paulina Acuna (clara Acuna) 3390 School Av, Unit #20, Vancouver, BC V5R 5N7 Janitorial Services 2004-05-11
Cht Building Maintenance · Edgardo Moya 8177 Explorers Walk, Vancouver, BC V5S 4A9 Janitorial Services 2004-05-04
K C Cleaning Services · Kelvin Campbell 4607 Kingsway, Unit #21, Burnaby, BC V5H 2B3 Janitorial Services 2004-04-21
Speedway Janitorial Service · Ranjit Singh 4841 Manor St, Vancouver, BC V5R 3Y1 Janitorial Services 2004-04-15
Jirah Cleaning Services · Maria V Tugade (maria Tugade) 225 N Garden Drive, Unit #207, Vancouver, BC V5L 3E8 Janitorial Services 2004-04-14
Tip Top Building Maintenance · Reji Nochumannil & Anie Philip 4959 Moss Street, Vancouver, BC V5R 3T5 Janitorial Services 2004-04-14
Carmen Garcia 4628 Fraser St, Vancouver, BC V5V 4H2 Janitorial Services 2004-04-07
Prospective Building Service Ltd 2758 E 8th Av, Vancouver, BC V5M 1W6 Janitorial Services 2004-03-31
Tidykleen Services · Pathmaraj Prasad 11413 Royal Crescent, Surrey, BC V3V 6V5 Janitorial Services 2004-03-25
Quality Cleaners · Reshma Bibi Singh (reshma Singh) 1231 E King Edward Av, Vancouver, BC V5V 2G3 Janitorial Services 2004-03-18
Pioneer Janitorial Service · Philip Ling 3737 Pender St, Suite #6, Burnaby, BC V5C 2L2 Janitorial Services 2004-03-16
Canada S & L Building Services · Guo Jia (steve) Sui (guo Sui) 8171 Colonial Drive, Unit #212, Richmond, BC V7C 4W9 Janitorial Services 2004-03-08
Corner To Corner Janitorial · Barbra Hille 1396 Sunshine Coast Hwy, Gibsons, BC V0N 1V2 Janitorial Services 2004-03-05
Jaya Maintenance Service · Balakrishnan Babu 753 E 23rd Av, Vancouver, BC V5V 1J2 Janitorial Services 2004-03-02
All In One Janitorial Service · Raj Bassi & Darbara Bassi 4573 Harriet St, Vancouver, BC V5V 4K5 Janitorial Services 2004-03-01
Universal Building Maintenance · Tejwant Mann 11864 72a Ave, Delta, BC V4C 1B5 Janitorial Services 2004-02-27
Lisa Grant 740 E Pender St, Vancouver, BC V6A 1V7 Janitorial Services 2004-02-25
Mira's Euro Cleaning Service · Miroslawa Majewska 5069 Manor St, Burnaby, BC V5G 1B4 Janitorial Services 2004-02-25
Flemming Building Maintenance · Sivakumar Sabaratnam 1626 E 29th Av, Vancouver, BC V5N 2Y6 Janitorial Services 2004-02-23
V & C Janitorial Services Ltd 2802 E Kent Av South, Vancouver, BC V5S 4T4 Janitorial Services 2004-02-23
Lala's Cleaning Service · Eulalia C Jimenez (eulallia Jimenez) 501 Cochrane Ave, Unit #101, Coquitlam, BC V3J 7W5 Janitorial Services 2004-02-19
Toor Building Services Ltd 446 E 58th Av, Vancouver, BC V5X 1W2 Janitorial Services 2004-02-18
Vinh Loc La (vinh La) 1961 E 38th Av, Vancouver, BC V5P 1G8 Janitorial Services 2004-02-13
Antonio Pimentel 3033 E 29th Av, Vancouver, BC V5R 1V9 Janitorial Services 2004-02-12
Pro-Clean Building Maintenance · Hoa Van Nguyen (hoa Nguyen) 2225 E Pender St, Vancouver, BC V5L 1X5 Janitorial Services 2004-02-10
Susana Maid Service · Susana Agbayani 1048 E 39th Av, Vancouver, BC V5W 1L1 Janitorial Services 2004-02-09
J Van Cleaning Service · Dionisia Jumawan 2619 Mcgill St, Vancouver, BC V5K 1H2 Janitorial Services 2004-02-05
The Cleaning Solution · Doris Thompson 980 W 20th Av, Vancouver, BC V5Z 1Y5 Janitorial Services 2004-02-04
Excelsior Building Maintenance Co Ltd 1120 E Georgia St, Vancouver, BC V6A 2A8 Janitorial Services 2004-02-04
Neat'N Clean Janitorial · Rosita Anderson 1800 E 1st Av, Vancouver, BC V5N 1B1 Janitorial Services 2004-02-03
Scandinavian Building Maintenance Ltd 245 Fell Av, North Vancouver, BC V7P 2K1 Janitorial Services 2004-02-02
West End Building Maintenance · Davinder Dhami 5769 Mckinnon St, Vancouver, BC V5R 4C9 Janitorial Services 2004-01-30
Custom Care & Cleaning B C (1996) Inc 8863 Delvista Drive, Delta, BC V4C 4A7 Janitorial Services 2004-01-30
Krystal Cleaners Inc 1127 Barclay St, Unit #503, Vancouver, BC V6E 4C6 Janitorial Services 2004-01-29
J R Carpet & Upholstery Cleaning · Renato G Pagal & Mercy P Escobar 1179 E 11th Ave, Vancouver, BC V5T 2G4 Janitorial Services 2004-01-29
J and J Professional Building Maintenance · Jacek Kwiatkowski 5268 Ewart St, Burnaby, BC V5J 2W4 Janitorial Services 2004-01-26
Superclean Janitorial Services Ltd 5704 Owl Court, North Vancouver, BC V7R 4V6 Janitorial Services 2004-01-26
Kerry's Cleaning Service · Kerry Birkeland 658 E 21st Avenue, Vancouver, BC V5V 1R7 Janitorial Services 2004-01-23
The Three Houseketeers Homecleaning Ltd 1882 Nanaimo St, Vancouver, bc V5N 5C2 Janitorial Services 2004-01-23
Amelia · Amelia Robillos 3334 Austrey Av, Vancouver, BC V5R 4V9 Janitorial Services 2004-01-22
Laslo Kalmar 7146 Gibson Street, Burnaby, BC V5A 1P1 Janitorial Services 2004-01-22
Jose Chavez 8248 Lansdowne Road, Unit #303, Richmond, BC V6X 3Y9 Janitorial Services 2004-01-22
Expess Cleaning Services · Edelisa Estandian 28 E 51st Av, Vancouver, BC V5X 1B9 Janitorial Services 2004-01-21
Summit Building Maintenance Ltd 965 E 20th Av, Vancouver, BC V5V 1N7 Janitorial Services 2004-01-21
Lgm Cleaning Services · Loreto Guinto 1551 E 4th, Suite #243, Vancouver, BC V5N 1J7 Janitorial Services 2004-01-21
Rallis Building Maintenance · Stelios Rallis 2160 W 16th Av, Vancouver, BC V6K 3B2 Janitorial Services 2004-01-21