Vancouver Business Licence

Jurisdiction: City of Vancouver, BC
Source: Vancouver, Community Services Group - Licence Office

This dataset includes 55.6 thousand business licences issued by City of Vancouver, Licence Office. Under Licence By-Law No.4450, a valid business licence is required in order to operate a business in the City of Vancouver. Each business is registered with licence number, business name, location, licence issue date and expiration date, etc.

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Business Name Office Address Issue Date Status
ALL Interiors · Aleksandra Latkowska 4189 Halifax St, Unit#707, Burnaby 2018-03-27 Issued
J Marshall & Company Ltd 7249 Wiltshire St, Vancouver 2018-03-27 Issued
Northstar Trade Finance Inc 701 W GEORGIA ST, Unit#1500, Vancouver 2018-03-27 Issued
Protec Sales · Gerard Anthony Stafford (Gerard Stafford) 1820 E 8TH AV, Vancouver 2018-03-27 Issued
Grieg Star Shipping (Canada) Ltd 1111 W HASTINGS ST, Unit#900, Vancouver 2018-03-27 Issued
Toderian Urbanworks · Brenton Toderian 633 ABBOTT ST, Unit#302, Vancouver 2018-03-27 Issued
Kinchara · Christina Lee Kinch (Christina Kinch) 1592 E 13TH AV, Vancouver 2018-03-27 Issued
Westland Insurance Group Ltd 715 W 16TH AV, Vancouver 2018-03-27 Issued
Westland Insurance Group Ltd 800 W PENDER ST, Unit#428, Vancouver 2018-03-27 Issued
Guild Yule LLP · Russell Jeffrey Bailey (Russell Bailey) 1075 W GEORGIA ST, Unit#2100, Vancouver 2018-03-27 Issued
Guild Yule LLP · Timothy Christopher Hinkson (Timothy Hinkson) 1075 W GEORGIA ST, Unit#2100, Vancouver 2018-03-27 Issued
Guild Yule LLP · David Mark Robert Gyton (David Gyton) 1075 W GEORGIA ST, Unit#2100, Vancouver 2018-03-27 Issued
Human Studio Architecture and Urban Design Ltd 1551 JOHNSTON ST, Unit#204, Vancouver 2018-03-27 Issued
RTA Agency · Donghai Wang 1055 W GEORGIA ST, Unit#2400, Vancouver 2018-03-27 Issued
Andrea Rodman Interiors Inc 1633 W 3RD AV, Vancouver 2018-03-26 Issued
ARSA Design Inc 633 KINGHORNE MEWS, Unit#807, Vancouver 2018-03-26 Issued
Brooke Dedrick Design · Brooke Kelsey Dedrick (Brooke Dedrick) 2033 COMOX ST, Unit#301, Vancouver 2018-03-26 Issued
Daniel Rotman Consulting · Daniel Rotman 1314 BROUGHTON ST, Unit#201, Vancouver 2018-03-26 Issued
Coca Sirian Law · Cocuta Sirian 355 BURRARD ST, Unit#1520, Vancouver 2018-03-26 Issued
IMB - The Immigration Boulevard Ltd 3520 FALAISE AV, Vancouver 2018-03-26 Issued
Evolution Strategies Ltd 355 BURRARD ST, Unit#510, Vancouver 2018-03-26 Issued
JMA Health And Safety Consulting Ltd 1220 W 64TH AV, Vancouver 2018-03-26 Issued
Bravado Homes Ltd 12100 Riverside Way, Unit#138, Richmond 2018-03-25 Issued
PM4HCM Consulting Inc 989 NELSON ST, Unit#1107, Vancouver 2018-03-25 Issued
0928461 BC Ltd 1271 SE MARINE DRIVE, Vancouver 2018-03-25 Issued
Golden Gate Property Consulting · Pavel Kral 456 MOBERLY ROAD, Unit#604, Vancouver 2018-03-24 Issued
Veeda Enterprises Inc 789 W 16TH AV, Unit#307, Vancouver 2018-03-23 Issued
Flying Pig Holdings Ltd 1168 HAMILTON ST, Unit#320, Vancouver 2018-03-23 Issued
Visual Art Acadamy · Hai Liu 1678 W BROADWAY, Unit#101, Vancouver 2018-03-23 Issued
Margot Guthrie 2020 SEMLIN DRIVE, Vancouver 2018-03-23 Issued
PCI Holdings Corp 1030 W GEORGIA ST, Unit#300, Vancouver 2018-03-22 Issued
PCI Developments Corp 1030 W GEORGIA ST, Unit#300, Vancouver 2018-03-22 Issued
Great Panther Silver Limited 200 GRANVILLE ST, Unit#1330, Vancouver 2018-03-22 Issued
Wen Lian Aquaculture Co Ltd 1090 W GEORGIA ST, Unit#488, Vancouver 2018-03-22 Issued
Eduardo Cajiao Becerra & Jaime Ben Hur Sandoval Garcia 1356 FRANCES ST, Unit#107, Vancouver 2018-03-22 Issued
Menzies Inventments Group Inc 1199 MARINASIDE CRESCENT, Unit#3701, Vancouver 2018-03-22 Issued
Coric Law · Coric Law Corporation 1030 W GEORGIA ST, Unit#712, Vancouver 2018-03-22 Issued
Canadian Actors Equity Association 750 W BROADWAY, Unit#1316, Vancouver 2018-03-22 Issued
Sedgman Canada Limited 650 W GEORGIA ST, Unit#2670, Vancouver 2018-03-22 Issued
Peter Leask QC Problem Solving and Dispute Resolution · Peter Leask 808 NELSON ST, Unit#616, Vancouver 2018-03-22 Issued
Francis Ng & Associates Corp 88 W PENDER ST, Unit#2099, Vancouver 2018-03-22 Issued
Reinhart Aulinger 805 Broadway St, Unit#1200, Vancouver 2018-03-21 Issued
Working Opportunity Fund (EVCC) Ltd 1055 W Georgia, Unit#2600, Vancouver 2018-03-21 Issued
Growth Works Ltd 1055 W Georgia St, Unit#2600, Vancouver 2018-03-21 Issued
Seadogs · 1105095 BC Ltd 155 W KENT AV NORTH, Vancouver 2018-03-21 Issued
Wen Immigration Consulting · Wen Zhao 5118 JOYCE ST, Unit#300, Vancouver 2018-03-21 Issued
Trail Appliances Ltd 116 W HASTINGS ST, Unit#200, Vancouver 2018-03-21 Issued
Montridge Advisory Group Ltd 1111 W HASTINGS ST, Unit#1200, Vancouver 2018-03-21 Issued
Revery Architecture Inc 1430 BURRARD ST, Vancouver 2018-03-21 Issued
Civic Legal LLP · Rina Rajendra Thaker (Rina Thakar) 900 W HASTINGS ST, Unit#710, Vancouver 2018-03-21 Issued
Civic Legal LLP · Adrienne Georgette Atherton (Adrienne Atherton) 900 W HASTINGS ST, Unit#710, Vancouver 2018-03-21 Issued
Civic Legal LLP · Pamela Jefcoat 900 W HASTINGS ST, Unit#710, Vancouver 2018-03-21 Issued
White Tie Formal Liquids · Jihyak Choi 5515 BOUNDARY ROAD, Unit#508, Vancouver 2018-03-21 Issued
Trusha Desai Innovation Management Inc 4642 DUNBAR ST, Unit#Bsmt, Vancouver 2018-03-21 Issued
Teknion Furniture Systems · Ron Harman 1090 Homer Street, Unit#440, Vancouver 2018-03-20 Issued
Renaissance Investments Corp 899 W 8TH AV, Unit#1, Vancouver 2018-03-20 Issued
Executive Hotels & Resorts · Executive Inn Inc 1080 Howe St, Unit#800, Vancouver 2018-03-20 Issued
Markel, Markel Canada, Markel International, Allsport · Markel Canada Limited 1100 MELVILLE ST, Unit#750, Vancouver 2018-03-20 Issued
Saftonhouse Consulting Group Inc 1159 MAIN ST, Unit#1201, Vancouver 2018-03-20 Issued
Optimum Talent Inc 1111 W GEORGIA ST, Unit#1330, Vancouver 2018-03-20 Issued
Peter Fox 5005 INVERNESS ST, Vancouver 2018-03-20 Issued
Mesh Design · Sepideh Meshkin 1068 HORNBY ST, Unit#2505, Vancouver 2018-03-20 Issued
Lifestyle Channel Ltd 2688 WAVERLEY AV, Unit#106, Vancouver 2018-03-20 Issued
Content Strategy Incorporated 3397 Hastings St, Unit#22, Port Coquitlam 2018-03-19 Issued
Canuk Site Vulnerability Assessments Inc 13340 235th St, Maple Ridge 2018-03-19 Issued
Marc 3 Design · Marc Caloren 2769 Eton St, Vancouver 2018-03-19 Issued
Studio Hub Architects Ltd 1727 W 3RD AV, Vancouver 2018-03-19 Issued
Northill Creative Communications Inc 2982 W 3RD AV, Vancouver 2018-03-19 Issued
Simpson Spence & Young (Canada) 800 W PENDER ST, Unit#314, Vancouver 2018-03-19 Issued
DWG Design Studio · Bryce Gauthier and Karen Gauthier 629 ATLANTIC ST, Vancouver 2018-03-19 Issued
Unimage Enterprises Ltd 3404 GARDEN DRIVE, Vancouver 2018-03-19 Issued
Mr Tube Steak · Roxanne Colby 155 W KENT AV NORTH, Vancouver 2018-03-19 Issued
KurtzDesign Inc 388 W 1ST AV, Unit#204, Vancouver 2018-03-19 Issued
Candid Community · Laura van der Veer 5628 Birney Ave, Unit#202, Vancouver 2018-03-19 Issued
1130397 BC Ltd 1742 DUNBAR ST, Vancouver 2018-03-19 Issued
Chroma Global Technologies Ltd 970 BURRARD ST, Unit#223, Vancouver 2018-03-19 Issued
Ease Immigration Consulting · Chuo Sha Ye (Chuo Sha Ye) 2553 ADANAC ST, Vancouver 2018-03-19 Issued
Westward Shipping Ltd 1166 ALBERNI ST, Unit#1500, Vancouver 2018-03-19 Issued
Elantis Solutions · Elantis Solutions Inc 1285 W BROADWAY, Unit#600, Vancouver 2018-03-19 Issued
North America Jiutai Enterprise Ltd 6968 WILTSHIRE ST, Vancouver 2018-03-18 Issued
FWD Engineering · FWD Engineering Ltd 4664 Lougheed Highway, Unit#162, Burnaby 2018-03-16 Issued
Labatt Brewing Company Limited 1148 Homer St, Unit#402, Vancouver 2018-03-16 Issued
Microsoft Canada Co 1111 W GEORGIA ST, Unit#1100, Vancouver 2018-03-16 Issued
McMillan LLP · Roderick W Kirkham Law Corporation 1055 W GEORGIA ST, Unit#1500, Vancouver 2018-03-16 Issued
MMK Consulting Inc 701 W GEORGIA ST, Unit#1500, Vancouver 2018-03-16 Issued
MacLean Rowe Financial · Pacific Rim Business Planning Services Inc 1188 W GEORGIA ST, Unit#1000, Vancouver 2018-03-16 Issued
Mama's Mobile Food · Nader Salamat 1836 TRIUMPH ST, Vancouver 2018-03-16 Issued
You Plus One · You Plus One Music Inc 1067 GRANVILLE ST, Unit#204, Vancouver 2018-03-16 Issued
RWC Law Corporation 980 HOWE ST, Unit#900, Vancouver 2018-03-16 Issued
Sandra J Foweraker Law Corporation 980 HOWE ST, Unit#900, Vancouver 2018-03-16 Issued
Owen John James (Owen James) 980 HOWE ST, Unit#900, Vancouver 2018-03-16 Issued
Just Cook More · Kimberley Slobodian 1365 W 4TH AV, Unit#301, Vancouver 2018-03-16 Issued
Barksdale Capital Corp 815 W HASTINGS ST, Unit#610, Vancouver 2018-03-16 Issued
Qwest Investment Management Corp 750 W PENDER ST, Unit#802, Vancouver 2018-03-16 Issued
Primavera Productions · Kirsteen Sarah McCulloch (Kirsteen McCulloch) 1990 DUNBAR ST, Unit#207, Vancouver 2018-03-16 Issued
MKC Engineering Corp 6175 LARCH ST, Vancouver 2018-03-16 Issued
Margaret Marchioli 1761 Drummond Dr, Vancouver 2018-03-15 Issued
Catharine G Herb-Kelly QC Law Corporation 1122 MAINLAND ST, Unit#500, Vancouver 2018-03-15 Issued
Avaya Canada Corp 510 BURRARD ST, Unit#709, Vancouver 2018-03-15 Issued
Smith Architecture · John Graham Burke Smith (John Smith) 3203 W 3RD AV, Vancouver 2018-03-15 Issued