Vancouver Business Licence
Secondary Suite - Permanent

Jurisdiction: City of Vancouver, BC
Source: Vancouver, Community Services Group - Licence Office

This dataset includes 55.6 thousand business licences issued by City of Vancouver, Licence Office. Under Licence By-Law No.4450, a valid business licence is required in order to operate a business in the City of Vancouver. Each business is registered with licence number, business name, location, licence issue date and expiration date, etc.

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Business Name Office Address Issue Date Status
Edward I Lipman (Edward Lipman) Vancouver 2018-08-31 Issued
Shirley Dang-Kramer Vancouver 2018-08-31 Issued
Nirmal Chander & Shashi Chander Vancouver 2018-08-31 Issued
Deanna J Wing & Sean Winter Vancouver 2018-08-31 Issued
Thillaiampalam Sherestan & Kunatheeswor Sherestan Vancouver 2018-08-29 Issued
Jennifer Andrea Vadeboncoeur & Laszlo Szentirmai Vancouver 2018-08-28 Issued
Jessie Holdings Ltd Vancouver 2018-08-27 Issued
Parkat Lehal & Jaswinder Lehal Vancouver 2018-08-27 Issued
Omar Bhimji & Sarah Rudrum Vancouver 2018-08-24 Issued
Teresa MacGregor & Deborah Lynne Butler Vancouver 2018-08-24 Issued
Juan A Cachin & Maribelle Cachin & Precy Cachin Vancouver 2018-08-23 Issued
Paul Jonathan Goodwin (Paul Goodwin) Vancouver 2018-08-22 Issued
Ana M San Jose & Bernard D Bandayrel Vancouver 2018-08-22 Issued
Mathew J Pulakkavil & Liji T Mathew Vancouver 2018-08-21 Issued
Ping Deng & Hua Mah & Shu Mah & Hui Yu Vancouver 2018-08-21 Issued
Sabir S Kazi & Zahida Kazi Vancouver 2018-08-20 Issued
Anie J Philip (Anie Philip) Vancouver 2018-08-16 Issued
Lily M Chandra (Lily Chandra) Vancouver 2018-08-15 Issued
Surbjit Bagry Vancouver 2018-08-15 Issued
Yumei Wang Vancouver 2018-08-13 Issued
Nina Pei Yunn (Nina Ho) Vancouver 2018-08-13 Issued
Jason J Azuelos & Jessica M Neville Vancouver 2018-08-10 Issued
David C Martin & Duc L Martin Vancouver 2018-08-07 Issued
Mei Qing Chen & Zhao Jian Yu Vancouver 2018-08-07 Issued
Noorali Kamani & Malka Kamani Vancouver 2018-08-04 Issued
Sally Maureen Barnes & Christopher Ronald Young Vancouver 2018-08-03 Issued
Charito C Kaay & John A Kaay Vancouver 2018-08-03 Issued
Xian F Liu & Xing Z Zhao Vancouver 2018-08-03 Issued
Malcolm Steenburgh & Suzanne Steenburgh Vancouver 2018-08-03 Issued
Tiffany M Lee & Kee W Yeong Vancouver 2018-08-01 Issued
Jaskanwal Phandal & Jagdeep Phandal Vancouver 2018-07-31 Issued
Shaw House · Coast Foundation Society (1974) Vancouver 2018-07-30 Issued
Alvin Ji Fung Lao (Alvin Lao) Vancouver 2018-07-30 Issued
Axel Meinardus & Louise Meinardus Vancouver 2018-07-25 Issued
Yue L Wong & Terence Y Wong Vancouver 2018-07-23 Issued
Aswin S Harriman & Dorothy H Harlan Vancouver 2018-07-19 Issued
Lycia Leung & Chi W Lau Vancouver 2018-07-18 Issued
Stephen Anthony Sharp (Stephen Sharp) Vancouver 2018-07-11 Issued
Xin Mei Real Estate Co Ltd Vancouver 2018-07-11 Issued
Bing L Chan & Yau K Siu Vancouver 2018-07-10 Issued
Lien-Kuo Feng & Su-Chuan Ao Vancouver 2018-07-09 Issued
Tae Chung & Jung Kim Vancouver 2018-07-07 Issued
Chen G Zheng & Mei Y Chen Vancouver 2018-07-05 Issued
Hennily Amiruddin Vancouver 2018-07-04 Issued
Tan Jiang & Dong Yang Vancouver 2018-06-26 Issued
Elaine Lilian Spilos & Michael Rodmond Bradshaw Vancouver 2018-06-25 Issued
Alexander Berger & Tracy Berger Vancouver 2018-06-22 Issued
Huyen T Huynh (Huyen Huynh) Vancouver 2018-06-20 Issued
Jessica R Glesby (Jessica Glesby) Vancouver 2018-06-20 Issued
Raewyn Beatrice Seeto (Raewyn Seeto) Vancouver 2018-06-19 Issued
Anthony J Gillis & Julia L Wu-Gillis Vancouver 2018-06-15 Issued
Thomas Mah & Helen Mah Vancouver 2018-06-14 Issued
Kayden Homes Ltd Vancouver 2018-06-14 Issued
Hui X Wang (Hui Wang) Vancouver 2018-06-10 Issued
Camilla Ripoli & Rick Ripoli Vancouver 2018-06-09 Issued
Marc Renaud Vancouver 2018-06-06 Issued
Yuan Chen & Shu Huo Vancouver 2018-06-05 Issued
Hui P Cao & Peiliang Luo & Yi Luo Vancouver 2018-06-04 Issued
Niki Angelopoulos Vancouver 2018-06-01 Issued
Tsuyoshi Kin & Jeannie Leung Vancouver 2018-05-31 Issued
Violeta Perez & Asako Chang Vancouver 2018-05-31 Issued
Neelam Monga & Ashok Monga Vancouver 2018-05-31 Issued
Gurmukh & Sukhwinder Nizzer Vancouver 2018-05-30 Issued
Nirmal S Sidhu & Balveer K Sidhu Vancouver 2018-05-30 Issued
Jasawnt Singh Sappal & Davinder Kaur Sappal Vancouver 2018-05-29 Issued
Kai C Low & Amy W Tsze Vancouver 2018-05-27 Issued
Armando Ferreira Vancouver 2018-05-26 Issued
Amanda Fergusson & Patrick Fergusson Vancouver 2018-05-25 Issued
Aaron Khung & Amy Liang Vancouver 2018-05-24 Issued
Helmut Prion Vancouver 2018-05-17 Issued
Robert Y Tsai (Robert Tsai) Vancouver 2018-05-17 Issued
Robert Y Tsai (Robert Tsai) Vancouver 2018-05-17 Issued
Jean P Carrier & Linda Kwan Vancouver 2018-05-15 Issued
Samuel Black & Laura Crema Vancouver 2018-05-12 Issued
David Gillard & Dan Wu Vancouver 2018-05-11 Issued
Keith Hurt & Anke Hurt Vancouver 2018-05-10 Issued
Lunka Holdings Inc Vancouver 2018-05-04 Issued
Cheryl Wong Vancouver 2018-05-04 Issued
Guangchi Li Vancouver 2018-05-04 Issued
Wei-Chun Jocelyn Wu (Wei-Chun Wu) Vancouver 2018-05-03 Issued
Rory Crowley & Clara Gomez-Henao Vancouver 2018-05-01 Issued
Gregory Lo Vancouver 2018-04-30 Issued
Cheng Cao Vancouver 2018-04-30 Issued
Matthew Harper & Georgia Harper Vancouver 2018-04-29 Issued
Louisa Kwok King Chow (Louisa Chow) Vancouver 2018-04-27 Issued
Guangchi Li Vancouver 2018-04-27 Inactive
Ya C Lao & Dan H Huang Vancouver 2018-04-25 Issued
Surjit S Chima & Nirmal D Chima Vancouver 2018-04-24 Issued
Harjinder K Sara (Harjinder Sara) Vancouver 2018-04-24 Issued
Lynn Arychuk & Maureen Reynolds Vancouver 2018-04-24 Issued
Joseph S A Stanko & Nicolette Henwood Vancouver 2018-04-24 Issued
Gurpartap S Sandhu (Gurpartap Sandhu) Vancouver 2018-04-23 Issued
Joanne May Lawrie (Joanne Lawrie) Vancouver 2018-04-22 Issued
Brian Hamilton & Mavis Hamilton Vancouver 2018-04-20 Issued
Thi T Nguyen (Thi Nguyen) Vancouver 2018-04-20 Issued
Andrew Paul Fielding & Leila Marie Harris Vancouver 2018-04-18 Issued
Satnam K Bains & Ravinder Bains Vancouver 2018-04-17 Issued
Yuet Wah Chau (Yuet Chau) Vancouver 2018-04-16 Gone Out of Business
Brant J Dorman (Brant Dorman) Vancouver 2018-04-16 Issued
Guang Hui Liang & Hui Yao Yu Vancouver 2018-04-16 Issued