Victoria Business Licences

Provider: City of Victoria, Community Services, Licence Office
Jurisdiction: City of Victoria, British Columbia

This dataset includes 10 thousand businesses licenced by City of Victoria, Licence Office. Every business in the City of Victoria is required to have a business licence. Before applying for a business licence the business must be registered with BC Registry Services. Each business is registered with licence number, business name, location, licence issue date and expiration date, etc.

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Business NameAddressCategoryIssued Date
Lit Led Design830 Lawndale Ave, V8S 4C7Business Services - Specialized Design2014-11-26
Ten On Design617 Battery St, Unit 17, V8V 1E6Contractor
Khs Design119 Bushby St, V8S 1B3Washers Or Dryers - Various2018-12-10
Khs Design119 Bushby St, V8S 1B3Non-Transient Accommodation - Rooms2017-12-12
Aze Design1025 Carberry Gdns, Unit 2, V8S 3R8Computer Services - Development & Design
Ani's Design1070 Kings Rd, Unit 402, V8T 1X1Business Services - Specialized Design2015-06-22
Still Design2614 Bridge St, Victoria, BC V8T 4S9Retail - General2021-01-11
Mod-Form Design2822 Prior St, A, V8T 3Y3Contractor2014-12-04
Supa Design Ltd1070 Kings Rd, Unit 307, V8T 1X1Computer Services - Development & Design2015-06-16
Lime Design1543 Despard Ave, V8S 1T2Intermunicipal - Mobile Services2014-12-30
Banbutsu Design1205 Bay St, Unit 5, V8T 1S7Intermunicipal - Mobile Services2014-12-30
Sol Design Build1030 Pendergast St, Unit 101, V8V 2X2Contractor2015-01-08
Knotinabox Design Inc1344 Minto St, V8S 1P4Business Services - Technical / Design / Engineering2014-12-04
Dewolf Design1030 Davie St, V8S 4E3Contractor2015-02-24
Integra Design Inc440 Simcoe St, Unit 231, V8V 1L3Business Services - Consultant2015-05-22
Metalab Design Ltd.1005 Langley St, Unit 400, V8W 1V7Computer Services - Development & Design2015-03-12
Creative Design416 Garbally Rd, Unit 5, Victoria, BC V8T 2K1Manufacturing - General2020-12-08
Axis Design Ltd1081 Fort St, Unit 2, Victoria, BC V8V 3K5Business Services - Consultant2020-11-30
Bombshell Design733 Johnson St, Unit 104, Victoria, BC V8W 3C7Personal Services - Esthetics2021-01-11
Boss Design Ltd2031 Store St, Victoria, BC V8T 5L9Business Services - Specialized Design2021-01-12
Smiles By Design1625 Oak Bay Ave, Unit 104, Victoria, BC V8R 1B1Professional - Dentist2021-02-02
All About Hue Hair Design Ltd3020 Blanshard St, Unit 2, V8T 5C7Personal Services - Hairdresser / Barber2020-01-02
Elham Design535 Yates St, Unit 408, Victoria, BC V8W 2Z6Business Services - Specialized Design2021-11-16
Ying Design655 Herald St, Unit 407, V8W 3L6Business Services - General2018-06-14
Ying Design744 Johnson St, V8W 1N1Personal Services - Hairdresser / Barber2018-06-14
Delichte Design Co Inc1019 Wharf St, Unit 500, Victoria, BC V8W 2Y9Computer Services - Development & Design2020-12-08
Rasmussen Design Hus2540 Wesley Pl, V8T 1V2Intermunicipal - Mobile Services
Kold Design127 Howe St, Unit 3, V8V 4K5Business Services - Specialized Design2014-11-24
Da Design Group Inc826 North Park St, Unit 100, Victoria, BC V8W 3B4Business Services - Specialized Design2021-01-19
Urban Web Design Inc19 Dallas Rd, Unit 102, V8V 5A6Computer Services - Development & Design
Johns Art and Design2304 Victor St, Victoria, BC V8R 4C7Artist / Artisans - Independent2021-01-20
Crossworks Design850 Blanshard St, Unit 101, V8W 2H2Computer Services - Development & Design
Five Graphic Design1100 Hillside Ave, Unit 2, V8T 2A7Business Services - General
Roar Design325 Maitland St, Unit 1101, V9A 7E9Professional - Architect2016-01-19
Y.u. Interior Design865 View St, Unit 705, V8W 3E8Intermunicipal - Mobile Services
Bespoke Design Ltd1844 Oak Bay Ave, Victoria, BC V8R 1C5Retail - General2020-12-30
Metalab Design Ltd524 Yates St, Unit 101, Victoria, BC V8W 1K8Computer Services - Various2020-12-24
Amy Hair Design1162 Finlayson St, V8T 2V2Personal Services - Hairdresser / Barber2015-06-12
Young By Design932 Johnson St, Unit 103, Victoria, BC V8V 3N4Personal Services - Hairdresser / Barber2021-01-07
02 Planning & Design Inc395 Tyee Rd, Unit 3, V9A 0A9Business Services - Technical / Design / Engineering
Ashkeebs Design, Inc.493 Burnside Rd E, E, Victoria, BC V8T 2X3Retail - General2021-11-10
Bully Design Co.1271 Pandora Ave, V8V 3R3Retail - General2016-01-07
Naval Architect Design1 Cooperage PlBusiness Services - Office2019-12-24
Kharma Design Studio1990 Oak Bay Ave, C, V8R 1E2Personal Services - Esthetics2020-01-10
Cassidy Woodcraft & Design2520 Bridge St, V8T 5H3Contractor2019-02-14
Robert J "bee" Hanson Art & Design532 Fisgard St, Unit 5, V8W 1R4Retail - General
Bg Granite Countertops and Design800 Tyee Rd, V9A 7J2Manufacturing - General2018-01-10
Hcma Architecture & Design26 Bastion Sq, Unit 205, Victoria, BC V8W 1H9Professional - Architect2020-11-20
Jenny Martin Design620 Finlayson St, Unit 206, Victoria, BC V8T 5C8Business Services - Specialized Design2020-11-24
Motus Design Group Ltd1821 Cook St, Unit 201, Victoria, BC V8T 3P5Business Services - Technical / Design / Engineering2020-11-27
Inspire Hair Design1009 Blanshard St, V8W 2H4Personal Services - Hairdresser / Barber2020-01-27
Radjuli Custom Design Ltd3 Fan Tan Alley, Unit 104, V8W 3G9Retail - General
Real Rock Design425 Simcoe St, Unit 206, V8V 4T3Contractor
Pacific Design Academy1252 Wharf StManufacturing - General
Work-Life Design90 Regatta Landing, Unit 108, V9A 7R2Business Services - Technical / Design / Engineering2015-01-12
Recoveries By Design 0976084 Bc Ltd990 Hillside Ave, Unit 203, V8T 2A1Business Services - General
Pacific Design Academy1252 Wharf StRetail - General
Jane Gibson Design1508 Coldharbour Rd, Unit 101, V8R 1H5Business Services - Consultant2014-12-04
Design Strategy Research Inc325 Maitland St, Unit 504, V9A 7E9Business Services - Consultant2015-01-08
Studio 2 Hair Design407 William St, Unit 2, V9A 3Y8Intermunicipal - Mobile Services2015-01-08
Pacific Design Academy1252 Wharf StBusiness Services - Office
Codetta Product Design Inc733 Johnson St, Unit 200, V8W 1M8Business Services - Consultant2015-01-14
Creole Jewellery Design832 Fort St, V8W 1H8Retail - General2015-02-04
Lighthouse Academic Design780 Fisgard St, Unit 712, V8W 0E1Business Services - Specialized Design2015-03-18
Southern Sun Garden Design967 Collinson St, Unit 208, V8V 3B7Contractor2015-03-19
Watermark Residential Design730 Vancouver St, Unit 1, V8V 3V3Business Services - Specialized Design2015-03-30
Fusion Design Woodworks545 John St, V8T 5B4Manufacturing - General2016-11-29
Vancouver College of Art and Design Inc1625 Bank St, V8R 4V5Schools-Post Secondary - Other
Maggie Walt Design537 Fisgard St, V8W 1R3Retail - General
Mike Randall Design1417 Pembroke St, Victoria, BC V8R 1V7Intermunicipal - Mobile Services2020-11-26
Hi-Profile Hair Design Inc709 Fort St, A, V8W 1G9Personal Services - Hairdresser / Barber2017-12-14
The Alleles Design Studio Ltd560 Johnson St, Unit 45, V8W 3C6Business Services - Specialized Design2018-01-04
Yoya Hair Design1406 Hillside Ave, V8T 2B7Personal Services - Hairdresser / Barber2013-12-18
Nicole & Co Hair Design463 Belleville St, Victoria, BC V8V 1X3Personal Services - Hairdresser / Barber2020-12-15
Biophilia Design Collective Ltd1608 Camosun St, Victoria, BC V8T 3E6Business Services - Consultant2021-10-18
Emma Glover Design2606 Asquith St, V8R 3Y3Intermunicipal - Mobile Services2015-03-12
Zebra Leaf Design209 Robert St, Unit 70, V9A 3Z1Business Services - Specialized Design2015-03-12
Spot Design Company1464 Begbie St, V8R 1K7Business Services - Specialized Design2015-01-21
Spiky Cactus Design Co316 Richmond Ave, V8S 3Y1Contractor2015-01-20
Jane Francis Design1814 Belmont Ave, V8R 3Z2Business Services - Technical / Design / Engineering2015-01-15
Inspire Hair Design1009 Blanshard St, Victoria, BC V8W 2H4Personal Services - Hairdresser / Barber2021-01-05
Concepts Design & Drafting836 Reed St, V8X 2P2Business Services - Technical / Design / Engineering2015-01-07
Griffin Design Kitchens Ltd608 St Charles St, Unit 2, V8S 3N7Intermunicipal - Mobile Services2014-12-12
Nygaard Interior Design Ltd1364 Slater St, V8X 2P9Business Services - Consultant2014-12-08
Evolve Planning & Design Inc531 Cornwall St, V8V 4K9Business Services - Consultant2015-11-26
Design One - Stevens Interiors1503 Fell St, V8R 1C5Business Services - Specialized Design2016-01-11
Design Coast Creative1320 Blanshard St, Victoria, BC V8W 2J1Retail - General2021-07-12
Ancord Design Company738 Fort St, Victoria, BC V8W 1H2Business Services - Specialized Design2021-03-09
Design District Access577 Pembroke St, Victoria, BC V8T 1H3Business Services - Consultant2021-01-14
Moura Hair Design1556 Fairfield Rd, Victoria, BC V8S 1G1Personal Services - Hairdresser / Barber2021-01-07
Macdonald Jewellery Design618 View St, Victoria, BC V8W 1J4Second Hand Dealer - Retail2020-12-30
Pacific Design Academy Inc1252 Wharf St, Victoria, BC V8W 1T8Schools-Post Secondary - Other2020-12-04
Meade Design Group Inc1316 Government St, B, Victoria, BC V8W 1Y8Business Services - General2020-11-25
The Alleles Design Studio Ltd2510 Turner St, Victoria, BC V8T 5J2Business Services - Specialized Design2020-11-24
Is This Menswear Design Exchange1014 Meares St, V8V 3K5Retail - General2016-01-14
Maher Design Studio3071 Balfour Ave, V9A 1R7Business Services - Specialized Design2015-02-04
Atelier Design+build3038 Albany St, V9A 1R5Professional - Architect2014-12-03
Ernest Hanson Design250 Douglas St, Unit 406, V8V 2P4Business Services - Technical / Design / Engineering
Sarah Mun Hair Design1503 Haultain St, Victoria, BC V8R 2K1Personal Services - Hairdresser / Barber2021-02-10
Forum Interior Design1608 Camosun St, Victoria, BC V8T 3E6Personal Services - General2021-02-03