Victoria Business Licence

Jurisdiction: City of Victoria, BC
Source: Victoria, Community Services Group - Licence Office

This dataset includes 55.6 thousand business licences issued by City of Victoria, Licence Office. Under Licence By-Law No.4450, a valid business licence is required in order to operate a business in the City of Victoria. Each business is registered with licence number, business name, location, licence issue date and expiration date, etc.

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Business Name Office Address Category Issue Date
Lightwell Photography 1150 Douglas St, #415, Victoria, BC V8W 3M9 Photographic Services - General 2021-01-15
G L Photography 416 Garbally Rd, #6, Victoria, BC V8T 2K1 Business Services - Publishing 2021-01-14
Park Photo Studio 705 Fort St, Victoria, BC V8W 1G9 Retail - General 2020-12-22
Photo Tak 623 Broughton St, Victoria, BC V8W 3J2 Photographic Services - General 2020-12-22
Profiles Picture Framing & Photos 230 Menzies St, #100, Victoria, BC V8V 2G7 Retail - General 2019-11-29
Sean Schuster Fine Art Photography 636 Fort St, Victoria, BC V8W 3V2 Retail - General 2019-05-22
Chad Johnston Photographics Inc 562 Yates St, #204, Victoria, BC V8W 1K8 Short Term Rental 2019-01-25
Works Photography Inc 169 Langford St, Victoria, BC V9A 3B8 Photographic Services - General 2018-01-05
Melissa Welsh Photography 604 Yates St, Victoria, BC V8W 1K9 Business Services - General 2016-05-13
Feeling Photography Business - Out of Town, Victoria, BC Photographic Services - General 2016-01-20
Simply Us Photography 2649 Cedar Hill Rd, Victoria, BC V8T 3H1 Intermunicipal - Mobile Services 2016-01-19
Bk Studios Photographers 1616 Redfern St, Victoria, BC V8R 4X2 Photographic Services - General 2015-05-22
Rebecca Wellman Photography 208 Robertson St, Victoria, BC V8S 3X5 Photographic Services - General 2015-04-30
Brett Reid Photography 553 Johnson St, #205, Victoria, BC V8W 1M2 Photographic Services - General 2015-04-22
Razzle B Photography 535 Manchester Rd, #106, Victoria, BC V8T 5J1 Intermunicipal - Mobile Services 2015-03-19
Gary Mckinstry Photography 1741 Denman St, Victoria, BC V8R 1Y3 Photographic Services - General 2015-03-09
Danielle Hughes Photography 1053 Balmoral Rd, #305, Victoria, BC V8T 1A7 Photographic Services - General 2015-03-02
Rhymes With Orange Photography 821 Tyee Rd, #1, Victoria, BC V9A 7R2 Photographic Services - General 2015-02-13
Dave Van Photography 2500 Quadra St, #305, Victoria, BC V8T 4E2 Photographic Services - General 2015-01-30
Koiya Marie Photography 689 Bay St, #314, Victoria, BC V8T 5H9 Intermunicipal - Mobile Services 2015-01-15
Moonrise Photography 930 Yates St, #1505, Victoria, BC V8V 4Z3 Photographic Services - General 2015-01-14
Lara Eichhorn Photography 630 Speed Ave, #305, Victoria, BC V8Z 1A4 Photographic Services - General 2015-01-12
Faith Works! Photography 3008 Washington Ave, #205, Victoria, BC V9A 1P6 Photographic Services - General 2015-01-09
Spark and Whimsy Photography 1524 Edgeware Rd, Victoria, BC V8T 2J7 Photographic Services - General 2015-01-09
Vanessa Morgan Photography 1033 Belmont Ave, #403, Victoria, BC V8S 3T4 Photographic Services - General 2015-01-08
Jb Photography 223 Moss St, #C, Victoria, BC V8V 4M5 Intermunicipal - Mobile Services 2015-01-05
Photon Communications 35 Moss St, Victoria, BC V8V 4L9 Business Services - Consultant 2014-12-31
Cherry Blossom Moments Photography 734 Wilson St, #5, Victoria, BC V9A 3H2 Photographic Services - General 2014-12-30
Maria Miller Photography 1611 Redfern St, Victoria, BC V8R 4X3 Intermunicipal - Mobile Services 2014-12-30
Heather Williams Photography 235 Cook St, #203, Victoria, BC V8V 3X4 Intermunicipal - Mobile Services 2014-12-30
Hansen Photography 2622 Mt Stephen Ave, Victoria, BC V8T 3L6 Photographic Services - General 2014-12-18
Creative Exposure Photography 1350 Stanley Ave, #304, Victoria, BC V8S 3S7 Photographic Services - General 2014-12-18
Dan Eastabrook Photography 206 Oswego St, #301, Victoria, BC V8V 2B3 Intermunicipal - Mobile Services
Jacobs Greig Photography 1027 Pandora Ave, Victoria, BC V8V 3P6 Intermunicipal - Mobile Services
Michael Tourigny Photography 2001 Douglas St, #A, Victoria, BC V8T 4K9 Photographic Services - General
Brianna B Photography 509 Simcoe St, Victoria, BC V8V 1L7 Intermunicipal - Mobile Services
Flybeye Aerial Photography 1415 Walnut St, Victoria, BC V8R 1Y7 Photographic Services - General
Gillian M Davidson Photography 575 Michigan St, Victoria, BC V8V 1S7 Photographic Services - General
Geoff Grime Photography 1745 Leighton Rd, #414, Victoria, BC V8R 6R6 Intermunicipal - Mobile Services
Allan Edgar Photography 23 Fan Tan Alley, Victoria, BC V8W 3G9 Business Services - General
Ben Murray Photography 725 Yates St, Victoria, BC V8W 1L6 Photographic Services - General
Al Smith Photography 660 Discovery St, Victoria, BC V8T 1G9 Intermunicipal - Mobile Services
Alyce Photography 547 Herald St, #6, Victoria, BC V8W 1S5 Photographic Services - General
Western Academy of Photography (1993) Ltd 755 Queens Ave, #A, Victoria, BC V8T 1M2 Schools-Post Secondary - Other
Foolhardy Photography 1250 Pembroke St, Victoria, BC V8T 1J9 Photographic Services - General
Perfect Sin Creations H.d. Photography 335 St James St, #302, Victoria, BC V8V 1J7 Intermunicipal - Mobile Services
Western Academy of Photography (1993) Ltd 732 Princess Ave, Victoria, BC V8T 1K6 Schools-Post Secondary - Other