Alberta Public Sector Compensations


This dataset includes 10 thousand employees working in public sectors of Government of Alberta. The Public Sector Compensation Transparency Act requires salary and severance disclosure each year of Government of Alberta Public Service employees who earn above an annual established threshold amount. Each employee is disclosed with full name, employer, position, salaries, etc.

Dataset Information

Jurisdiction Province of Alberta
Data Provider Province of Alberta, Treasury Board and Ministry of Finance

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Employee NamePosition TitleMinistryBase SalaryYear
Ricardo Barbosa Water Boundary AnalystEnvironment and Parks2021
Wesley Johnson Director, Livestock SystemsAgriculture, Forestry and Rural Economic Development2021
Calvin Yoder Agronomist Forage Seed CropsAgriculture, Forestry and Rural Economic Development2021
Gerald Hauer ED, Livestock& Crop ResearchAgriculture, Forestry and Rural Economic Development2021
Cordy Tymstra Wildfire Science CoordinatorAgriculture, Forestry and Rural Economic Development2021
Carl Frederickson Director, Animal WelfareAgriculture, Forestry and Rural Economic Development2021
Brenda Jane Ralston Beef Research ScientistAgriculture, Forestry and Rural Economic Development2021
Erin Fraser-Reid Sr Reforestation SpecAgriculture, Forestry and Rural Economic Development2021
Daryl A Price Dir, Forest Resource AnalysisAgriculture, Forestry and Rural Economic Development2021
John Y Diiwu Forest Hydrology SpecialistAgriculture, Forestry and Rural Economic Development2021
Daniel Boyco ED, Chief Fish & Wildlife OffJustice and Solicitor General2021
Nigel Cook Livestock Welfare Research SciAgriculture, Forestry and Rural Economic Development2021
Allan Pelletier Director, Livestock TraceabilityAgriculture, Forestry and Rural Economic Development2021
Timothy Hazlett Dir, Oil & Gas Svcs & TechJobs, Economy and Innovation2021
Manjula Sarath Bandara Pulse & Special Crops Res SciAgriculture, Forestry and Rural Economic Development2021
Mark Olson Unit Head, Pulse CropsAgriculture, Forestry and Rural Economic Development2021
Shauna Milne Lead, Workforce StrategyPublic Service Commission2021
Darcy Beach ED, Peace RegionEnvironment and Parks2021
Barry Olson Soil/Water Research ScientistAgriculture, Forestry and Rural Economic Development2021
Shannon A.J. Marchand Deputy MinisterCommunity and Social Services$285,877.282020
Curtis Clarke DM, Advanced EducationAdvanced Education$285,877.282020
Andre Paul Tremblay Deputy MinisterAgriculture and Forestry$285,877.282020
Mark Cameron Deputy Minister, PCOExecutive Council$285,877.282020
Shawn McLeod Deputy MinisterLabour and Immigration$285,877.282020
Lorna Rosen Deputy MinisterHealth$314,465.322020
Deena Hinshaw Chief Med Officer of HealthHealth$363,633.922020
Mark Hattori Lead, Early Childhood ServicesChildren's Services$206,725.342020
Marcia Nelson DM, Executive CouncilExecutive Council$302,370.202020
Shannon L Flint Deputy Minister, Infra.Infrastructure$285,877.282020
Kevin Davediuk Chief Advisor on NegotiationsTreasury Board and Finance$205,696.922020
Leann E Wagner ADM,Child Intervention DivChildren's Services$189,278.442020
Dean Screpnek ADM, Health Standards, Q & PHealth$200,404.882020
Sarah Langley ED, Appeals, Edu & Pros PolicyJustice and Solicitor General$196,873.042020
Athanasia Mentzelopoulos Deputy Minister of TBFTreasury Board and Finance$285,877.282020
Bryce Stewart Associate Deputy MinisterHealth$228,126.942020
Heidi Schubert Executive Director & RegistrarJustice and Solicitor General$240,185.142020
Bernard Bannach Asst Chief Med. ExaminerJustice and Solicitor General$361,257.522020
Graham Statt ADM, Pharm and Supp BenHealth$199,019.602020
Gloria Iatridis ADM, System ExcellenceEducation$188,845.022020
Christopher Heseltine VP, Econ Dev & Comm. Eng.Jobs, Economy and Innovation$188,790.792020
Eugene Orest Yereniuk ED, Regional ProsecutionsJustice and Solicitor General$178,700.142020
Anthony A. Lemphers ADM,FOIP & Information MgmtService Alberta$200,404.882020
Andy Ridge ADM, PropertiesHealth$177,185.582020
Stephen Bull Corp Chief Information OfficerService Alberta$220,445.422020
Elizabeth Marie Wheaton Asst Chief Crown ProsecutorJustice and Solicitor General$181,228.062020
Jing Hu Deputy Medical Off. of HealthHealth$257,471.042020
Kenneth Andre Corbould Deputy Minister of EducationEducation$285,877.282020
Mark Parsons ADM, Economics & Fiscal PolicyTreasury Board and Finance$200,404.882020
Kimberley Capstick Managing Director, CPECommunications and Public Engagement$195,869.492020
Myles M. Morris ADM Safe Fair Healthy Work DivLabour and Immigration$177,369.922020
John Thomson Executive Lead, Housing ReviewSeniors and Housing$174,748.342020
Anne K. Clayton Ex Dir- Social InnovationChildren's Services$170,162.202020
Laura Spencer ED, Banking & Debt OperationsTreasury Board and Finance$164,060.782020
Craig Chatterton Chief ToxicologistJustice and Solicitor General$170,880.842020
Matthew Hinshaw Director, Policy UnitJustice and Solicitor General$166,965.242020
Lowell Epp ADM, Treasury & Risk MgmtTreasury Board and Finance$240,485.962020
Tom Loo ADM, Constr & MaintenanceTransportation$183,747.982020
Leslie Latta Exec Director Prov ArchivistCulture, Multiculturalism and Status of Women$164,060.782020
Donavon Young Deputy MinisterIndigenous Relations$285,877.282020
Paul Thorsteinson SCIO-Enviroment and ResourcesService Alberta$159,314.742020
Aaron Neumeyer ADM Financial & Corporate ServHealth$220,445.422020
Douglas J Taylor Office CounselJustice and Solicitor General$190,848.582020
Paul Wynnyk Deputy MinisterMunicipal Affairs$285,877.282020
Maryann L. Everett ADM, Workforce StrategiesLabour and Immigration$200,404.882020
Michele Evans ADM, Tourism & Econ DevJobs, Economy and Innovation$166,560.162020
Martin Dinel Ex Lead, Program DeliveryService Alberta$168,165.542020
Jayme Williams ED, Strategic & Bus ServJustice and Solicitor General$191,488.292020
Darin Stepaniuk General CounselJustice and Solicitor General$190,848.582020
Christopher McPherson Deputy Secretary to CabinetExecutive Council$210,443.742020
Heather Behman PD, CSD, EDTT, AE and IRPublic Service Commission$150,344.712020
Darryl Ruether Exec Leg CounselJustice and Solicitor General$180,599.642020
Bradley Geddes ED-RecoveryMunicipal Affairs$158,020.202020
Jennifer Flaman ADM,Corp. Strategies& ServicesInfrastructure$168,982.582020
Russell Handy Deputy Chief ToxicologistJustice and Solicitor General$153,791.562020
Steve J Tkalcic Executive Dir, PNG TenureEnergy$164,060.782020
Colin Blair ED, Ops & Strat SvcsJobs, Economy and Innovation$169,108.812020
Ross Nairne ADM, Strat Serv&PA SecretariatPublic Service Commission$170,744.342020
David James ADM, Natural Gas & ElectricityEnergy$243,140.822020
Carol Anne Moerth ED, Strategic ServJustice and Solicitor General$156,110.142020
Douglas Borland Assistant Deputy MinisterEnergy$192,640.242020
Noelle Jean Becker ED Training & Emplymt ServicesLabour and Immigration$164,060.782020
David Rideout Regional DirectorCommunity and Social Services$166,205.742020
Dawn White Executive Director, Sector 2Public Service Commission$180,466.782020
Catherine Rothrock Chief Economist & ED, ERFTreasury Board and Finance$146,993.082020
Clay Buchanan ADM, Prog Policy & ImprovementCommunity and Social Services$188,459.442020
Charlene Dawn Wong ED, Budget Dev. & PlanningTreasury Board and Finance$164,060.782020
Dennis Pawlowski Review OfficerJustice and Solicitor General$168,127.442020
Jeff Brinton Executive Director Arts BranchCulture, Multiculturalism and Status of Women$148,301.662020
Erika Washington ED,Tech.Svcs & ProcurementInfrastructure$139,828.942020
Terri Susan Zurbrigg Legal CounselLabour and Immigration$143,924.302020
Bernard Dauvin Exec Dir-Procurement SvcsService Alberta$177,689.902020
Alex Alexander ED, Bus Intel & AnalyticsJustice and Solicitor General$154,406.202020
Kathleen Rich ED,Land Use & Integrated ResoEnvironment and Parks$150,014.982020
Liane Stangenberg Exec Dir-Client Svcs OpsService Alberta$157,633.322020
Jennifer Rees Tech Internet Crime ProsecutorJustice and Solicitor General$181,228.062020
Gregory Wool Crown ProsecutorJustice and Solicitor General$143,924.302020
Stephen Cheung Dir, Fin Rep& AssuranceEnergy$140,824.702020
Ethan Bayne Adm-MagMunicipal Affairs$168,982.582020
James John Wuite ED, Irrigation & Farm WaterAgriculture and Forestry$145,481.622020
Erin Foster-O'Riordan ED Strategic/Collaborative SvsEducation$140,905.182020