Quebec Business Registration / Registre des entreprises


This dataset includes over two million businesses and companies registered with the Business registrar / Registraire des entreprises - Gouvernement du Québec. The registrar maintains a public register of the information prescribed by law and relating to associations and businesses incorporated or registered in Québec. Each business is registered with Québec business number (NEQ), business name, home address location, incorporation date, update dates, etc.

Dataset Information

Subject Economics and Industry
Jurisdiction Province of Quebec
Data Provider Registraire des entreprises - Gouvernement du Québec

Dataset Details

The Business registrar (Registraire des entreprises) maintains a public register in which the information prescribed by law and relating to associations and businesses incorporated or registered in Québec or which carry out activities there is filed and disseminated. The information declared by businesses and companies is made available to all citizens. The role of the registrar also consists of promoting the administrative efficiency of the government and facilitating the communications that the latter maintains with associations and businesses by (1) the allocation of a Québec enterprise number (NEQ) to enterprises that register in the register; (2) communication of information to Québec government departments and agencies that administer public programs for the benefit of businesses.

This dataset includes all busiensses registered with Registraire des entreprises. For each business, the registered information includes Québec business number (NEQ), business name, home address location, incorporation date, update dates, etc. The Quebec business number (NEQ) is the unique identifier for each business. The information contained in the business register is public, and it is the businesses that are responsible for the accuracy of the information they declare.

In 2016, the Government of Quebec and the municipalities of Gatineau, Laval, Montreal, Quebec and Sherbrooke joined their efforts to create the new open data portal, Données Québec. Data Quebec adheres to the principle of open government and aims to providing better access to open data of public interest; giving citizens the opportunity to interact with the organizations disseminating the data; simplify the use and cross-referencing of data; facilitate citizen participation in the development of innovative solutions; increase the transparency of public administrations. Since 2017, the Government of Quebec, through numerous initiatives, has promoted the opening of data and its reuse. The 2021-2023 Open Government Action Plan is part of the continuity and the search for greater transparency within the administration. This is the third plan for Quebec and the first since Quebec joined the Partnership in Open Government and co-created with civil society.


While the vast majority of businesses are located in Quebec (94.74%), there are a number of businesses having offices in Ontario (1.30%) and Alberta (0.16%). The most popular city of Quebec businesses is Montréal (24.84%), followed by Laval (5.29%), Longueuil (2.26%), Gatineau (1.87%), Sherbrooke (1.47%), Brossard (1.41%), Lévis (1.29%), Terrebonne (1.16%), and Trois-Rivières (1.12%). The number of quebec businesses has grown steadily year over year, with a noticeable increase in recent years. The number of businesses grow by 5% in 2020 and 19% in 2021, largely attributed to new market opportunities created by the pandemic. We expect to see more federal incorporations in the coming years.

Businesses by Province

Businesses by Province

British Colombia580.00%

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Businesses by City


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Businesses by Year


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Business NameAddressIncorporation Date
Personne-Pro Inc. 2165 rue Favard, Montréal, Quebec H3K 1Z92025-05-25
Plancher Nomade 105-1463 BOUL. Lionel-Boulet, Varennes, Quebec J3X 1P72024-04-30
Gestion Majaco 2 Inc. 317 rue Marie-Claire-Daveluy, Lévis, Quebec G7A 5A72024-01-01
Gestion Jeff Hudon 2 Inc. 168 ch. des Mélèzes, Lac-Beauport, Quebec G3B 2B92024-01-01
RÉsidence Gebara Inc. 279 rue Saint-Antoine, Sainte-Anne-des-Plaines, Quebec J5N 3H92023-12-31
9498-0927 Québec inc. 730 ch. Drouin, Cookshire-Eaton, Quebec J0B 1M02023-11-01
9499-0710 Québec inc. 205-7236 RUE Waverly, Montréal, Quebec H2R 0C22023-10-01
Chantal Gingras Architecture Design Inc. 91 côte Gosselin, Saint-Laurent-de-l'Île-d'Orléans, Quebec G0A 3Z02023-10-01
9264-6017 Québec inc. 128 boul. Lacombe, Repentigny, Quebec J5Z 3C32023-10-01
Dans ma Cave à Vin inc. 25 5e Avenue, Laval, Quebec H7H 2J32023-10-01
Service de Soins de Santé Nat Inc. 111-905 av. Plymouth, Mont-Royal, Quebec H4P 1B22023-10-01
9498-9605 Québec inc. 110 rue Bert-Filion, Chibougamau, Quebec G8P 3C12023-10-01
ÉrabliÈre Robert Et Filles Inc. 8123 Route 204, Frontenac, Quebec G6B 0A62023-10-01
Les Structures Lessard Inc. 1260 28e rue, Saint-Georges, Quebec G5Y 8P62023-10-01
ÉrabliÈre L J Inc. 24 rte de l'Église, Audet, Quebec G0Y 1A02023-10-01
BeautÉ EsthÉtique Jm 1-2615 boul. des Oiseaux, Laval, Quebec H7L 3Y82023-10-01
9496-9243 Québec inc. 469 boul. Salaberry N, Châteauguay, Quebec J6J 4M52023-09-30
Gestion RodDen Inc. 515 rue de la Champagne, Lévis, Quebec G6C 1S82023-09-30
Gestion V. Lapalme inc. 2508 rue du Havre, Magog, Quebec J1X 5R92023-09-28
9498-8912 Québec inc. 117 1er Rang O, Sainte-Rose-de-Watford, Quebec G0R 4G02023-09-27
9499-1056 Québec inc. 395 rue Cantin, Victoriaville, Quebec G6P 7E82023-09-25
Gestion Mondou GPM Inc. 172 rue Saint-Charles, Sainte-Thérèse, Quebec J7E 2B22023-09-21
Gestion Mondou AMPM Inc. 56 boul. du Curé-Labelle, Sainte-Thérèse, Quebec J7E 2X32023-09-21
Gestion Pierre Mondou Inc. 15330 rue Maurice, Mirabel, Quebec J7N 1W92023-09-21
Let It Be Méditation inc. 4368 rue Rosaire-Turcotte, Québec, Quebec G1Y 2P12023-09-21
9498-7211 Québec inc. 3294 rue du Beaujolais, Vaudreuil-Dorion, Quebec J7V 9M12023-09-18
9499-1627 Québec inc. 936 av. des Diamants, Québec, Quebec G2L 3K72023-09-15
9499-1080 Québec inc. 16 rue Bourgeois, Victoriaville, Quebec G6P 4P62023-09-15
9499-1585 Québec inc. 14-7085 rue Michelet, Montréal, Quebec H1S 2L82023-09-15
9499-1403 Québec inc. 585 rue Des Ormeaux, Montréal, Quebec H1L 4W72023-09-15
9499-1528 Québec inc. 2981 av. de Brighton, Montréal, Quebec H3S 1T72023-09-15
9499-1346 Québec inc. 15 rue Bruno-Nantel, Saint-Jérôme, Quebec J7Y 2E32023-09-15
9499-1270 Québec inc. 2-1710 rue Sauvé E, Montréal, Quebec H2C 2B12023-09-15
Notaire À Vos CÔtÉs Inc. 997 rue Bédard, Sherbrooke, Quebec J1R 0L72023-09-15
9499-1692 Québec inc. 100 ch. de l'Ancienne-Érablière, Saint-Sauveur, Quebec J0R 1R22023-09-15
9499-1247 Québec inc. 160 boul. de l'Industrie, Candiac, Quebec J5R 1J32023-09-15
9499-1395 Québec inc. 10871B av. Salk, Montréal, Quebec H1G 6M72023-09-15
9499-1338 Québec inc. 6328 rue de Montrachet, Québec, Quebec G3E 2A62023-09-15
9499-1569 Québec inc. 1C-35 av. Marian, Dorval, Quebec H9S 1A42023-09-15
9499-1643 Québec inc. 810 rue Salaberry, Laval, Quebec H7S 1H32023-09-15
9499-1486 Québec inc. 713 rue de Lausanne, Lévis, Quebec G7A 1Y82023-09-15
9499-1536 Québec inc. 2-10350 rue André-Jobin, Montréal, Quebec H2B 2V82023-09-15
9499-1577 Québec inc. 8656 rue Romain, Laval, Quebec H7A 3K72023-09-15
9499-1775 Québec inc. 1106-2000 BOUL. Rene-Levesque W, Montreal, Quebec H3H 0B32023-09-15
9499-1726 Québec inc. 7 rue du Sommet-Vert, Sainte-Marguerite-du-Lac-Masson, Quebec J0T 1L02023-09-15
9499-1684 Québec inc. 840 rue Shefford, Bromont, Quebec J2L 1C32023-09-15
A.B. déménagement 825 95e Rue, Saint-Georges, Quebec G5Y 3J92023-09-15
9499-1452 Québec inc. 4648 boul. Lévesque E, Laval, Quebec H7C 1M62023-09-15
Club international des Disciples Escoffier du Canada 438 rue McGill, Montréal, Quebec H2Y 2G12023-09-15
9499-1460 Québec inc. 2 boul. de l'Ange-Gardien, L'Assomption, Quebec J5W 1R12023-09-15
9499-1734 Québec inc. 3274 rue Matte, Longueuil, Quebec J4L 4T92023-09-15
9499-1197 Québec inc. 1755 ch. Favreau, Dunham, Quebec J0E 1M02023-09-15
9499-1361 Québec inc. 1295 rue des Cascades, Saint-Hyacinthe, Quebec J2S 3H22023-09-15
9499-1130 Québec inc. 300 ch. du Golf, Montréal, Quebec H3E 1A82023-09-15
9499-1171 Québec inc. 2110 boul. du Curé-Labelle, Saint-Jérôme, Quebec J7Y 1S82023-09-15
9499-1189 Québec inc. 2082 rue Sainte-Hélène, Longueuil, Quebec J4K 3T62023-09-15
9499-1445 Québec inc. 8185 rue de Mirepoix, Montréal, Quebec H1R 2N72023-09-15
Groupe de Gestion Astvinatta 1480 ch. Principal, Saint-Mathieu-du-Parc, Quebec G0X 1N02023-09-15
9499-1510 Québec inc. 403-2500 RUE des Cajuns, Québec, Quebec G1J 0H12023-09-15
9499-1254 Québec inc. 14-355 boul. Samson, Laval, Quebec H7X 2Z72023-09-15
9499-1502 Québec inc. 700.38-407 rue McGill, Montréal, Quebec H2Y 2G32023-09-15
9499-1593 Québec inc. 11 rue de la Loutre, Saint-Hippolyte, Quebec J8A 0L42023-09-15
9499-1635 Québec inc. 124 rue Yvonne-Lacroix, Boisbriand, Quebec J7G 0A82023-09-15
9499-1429 Québec inc. 5-3940 av. Plamondon, Montréal, Quebec H3S 1L92023-09-15
9499-1668 Québec inc. 41 ch. des Mésanges, Sainte-Anne-des-Lacs, Quebec J0R 1B02023-09-15
Gestion Sarah Smail inc. 1541 rue du Chevrillard, Boisbriand, Quebec J7G 2W72023-09-15
9499-1783 Québec inc. 1071 boul. Roland-Godard, Saint-Jérôme, Quebec J7Y 4C32023-09-15
9499-1213 Québec inc. 2240-400 Av. Sainte-Croix, Saint-Laurent, Quebec H4N 3L42023-09-15
Église Évangélique Cité d'Espérance Canada 1760 rue Bullion, Longueuil, Quebec J4M 1P42023-09-15
9499-1320 Québec inc. 2825 boul. Industriel, Chambly, Quebec J3L 4W32023-09-15
9499-1072 Québec inc. 4564 rue Dubord, Laval, Quebec H7T 2R12023-09-15
9499-1478 Québec inc. 2100-1010 rue De La Gauchetière O, Montréal, Quebec H3B 2N22023-09-15
Équipe de football féminine Battle Angels 229 rue Parent, Trois-Rivières, Quebec G8T 5M82023-09-15
9499-1114 Québec inc. 58 rue Roy, Mercier, Quebec J6R 0E22023-09-15
9498-5256 Québec inc. 207-2625 rue Louis-Paré, Montréal, Quebec H8S 1K92023-09-15
Espace multidisciplinaire LE NINETY 4361 rue Saint-Denis, Montréal, Quebec H2J 2L22023-09-15
9499-1148 Québec inc. 940 boul. Vachon N, Sainte-Marie, Quebec G6E 1M22023-09-15
9499-1262 Québec inc. 175 rue Bertrand, Québec, Quebec G1B 1J22023-09-15
9499-1288 Québec inc. 5775 12e Avenue, Montréal, Quebec H1X 3A22023-09-15
Investissements Stratford Inc. 476 rue Laflamme, Thetford Mines, Quebec G6G 3G32023-09-15
9499-1411 Québec inc. 780 rue Raoul-Jobin, Québec, Quebec G1N 1S32023-09-15
9499-1106 Québec inc. 249 rue Principale, Les Hauteurs, Quebec G0K 1C02023-09-15
9499-1296 Québec inc. 1479 ch. de la Réserve, Saguenay, Quebec G7J 0C52023-09-15
9499-1494 Québec inc. 1590 rue Richelieu, Beloeil, Quebec J3G 4S12023-09-15
9499-1650 Québec inc. 30-1400 rue Saint-Zotique E, Montréal, Quebec H2G 1G72023-09-15
9499-1064 Québec inc. 7-1450 BOUL. Provencher, Brossard, Quebec J4W 1Z22023-09-15
9499-1700 Québec inc. 243 ch. de la Promenade, Piedmont, Quebec J0R 1K02023-09-15
9499-1767 Québec inc. 14 rue Homérile-Boucher, Rivière-du-Loup, Quebec G5R 0C62023-09-15
9499-1098 Québec inc. 68 av. Brock N, Montréal-Ouest, Quebec H4X 2E92023-09-15
9499-1619 Québec inc. 1333 rue Saint-Thomas, Longueuil, Quebec J4J 3R42023-09-15
9499-1304 Québec inc. 12155 boul. Taylor, Montréal, Quebec H3M 2K12023-09-15
9499-1601 Québec inc. 267 rue de la Tourterelle, Sainte-Marguerite, Quebec G0S 2X02023-09-15
9499-1759 Québec inc. 133 ch. des Hauts-Boisés, Châteauguay, Quebec J6J 6E72023-09-15
9499-1718 Québec inc. 1201 rue des Escoumins, Terrebonne, Quebec J6W 5H22023-09-15
9499-1122 Québec inc. 2485 rue Pilote, Laval, Quebec H7T 3A82023-09-15
Solutions SunImp inc. 118 ch. du Lac-Creux, Mandeville, Quebec J0K 1L02023-09-15
Les technologies Carbosonic inc. · Carbosonic Technologies inc. 1580 rue John-Griffith, Sherbrooke, Quebec J1J 4L42023-09-14
9499-0983 Québec inc. 10 place McIntosh, Châteauguay, Quebec J6J 5Z62023-09-14
Fédération De Tir de Tracteur du Québec 95 rang d'Argenteuil, Saint-Damase, Quebec J0H 1J02023-09-14
Hockey Bois-Francs inc. 24 rue des Bouleaux, Victoriaville, Quebec G6P 2G52023-09-14